Care and services

With our care and supplementary services schedule offering over 75 services, we give our residents the flexibility to choose recurring services payable monthly with the rent and/or punctual services. You can also receive your care services at the residence clinic or in the comfort of your apartment. Our care and services are available à la carte as an option.

Pay only for what you need

We all have some good days and some bad days. Sometimes, we need a little help to get back on our feet. This flexibility allows you to meet your changing needs, always with the objective to allow you to maintain and extend your autonomy as long as possible. We use a schedule of care services à la carte instead of applying an hourly rate. This way, residents pay exactly for what they need.

Immediate assistance free of charge

A medical clinic and a healthcare staff are on duty 24 hours a day to respond to any emergency, free of charge. Immediate assistance in case of an emergency provides peace of mind, both to you and to your relatives! No more stress: day or night, you will always feel safe – without compromising your freedom.

At the resident’s choice

We never assess the autonomy level of residents, either upon their arrival at the residence or during the happy years they will spend with us. Residents decide for themselves to use the care and/or the services that meet their current needs, and can adapt them at any time should there be any changes to their health condition. Our residents decide!