For the love of food

At Les Résidences Soleil, we believe in the joy of good food, and meals are a special moment to spend time as a family. With our vast dining rooms available to all, our residents can enjoy a meal together and bring their guests along, making these moments a truly warm and welcoming experience.

At Les Résidences Soleil, we believe that family our most precious treasure. This is why everything is planned to facilitate and foster an environment where families can come together. For example, it’s possible to make a surprise visit to your grandmother for an impromptu dinner, simply because you happen to be in the area.

And the greatest thing is, she won’t even have to cook or go grocery shopping to prepare for your visit – all you need is a visitor’s meal coupon at the front desk. You won’t even need a reservation.

You can choose from packages of 1, 2 or 3 meals per day, as well as the option of a single meal coupon. Do your loved ones want to come and share a meal with you? No need for a reservation, they are welcome, with you, at all times!

A wide variety of products

  • Starters, raw vegetables, rusks, condiments, cheeses, etc.
  • Two choices of soups or pottages
  • Two to three main meal choices
  • Variety of sides
  • Choice of beverages (juice, milk, coffee, tea, herbal teas, etc.)
  • Several desserts

Healthy, varied and balanced meals

  • Freshly cooked on site every day
  • Designed by a qualified chef and his team, in collaboration with a nutritionist
  • Diabetic options

Optional services

  • Tray transportation
  • Delivery to the apartment

Meal card system

An innovative and flexible system is used in our dining rooms to reduce waiting times during meal times and facilitate billing.