50 years of love

For Mister and Madam Savoie 

Fifty years ago, a private ceremony united the love with between Mr. Eddy Savoie and Ms. Carmelle SavoieOver the years, this love grew up and was perpetuated from generation to generation. As models for them, the children of Mr. and Mrs. Savoie organized the 4th renewal of wedding wishes. 

A festive and intimate ceremony

Last September, a wonderful surprise awaited this wonderful couple as their children and grandchildren organized a special ceremony for them. On this beautiful day, the excitement was at the rendezvous since the organizers wanted this day to be most memorable for Mr. and Mrs. Savoie. This long-lasting organization has provided a grand ceremony at the height of their love. Welling to play the game, Mr. and Mrs. Savoie started on their 36 at the request of their family. It is under the tender eyes of the members and friends of the Savoie family that Mr. Eddy Savoie and Mrs. Carmelle Savoie renewed, for the fourth time, their wedding vows. Dressed in a beautiful ivory dress, Mrs. Savoie went with her son Eddy Junior to the altar to join the man of his life for the exchange of alliances.Once the vows renewed, relatives and friends celebrated this union around a good meal, not to mention the many tributes!

Whoever has touched the heart of all is undoubtedly the tribute offered by the grandchildren. Speaking for her cousins, here are the tender words uttered by Katarina to emphasize the love between her grandparents: 

« Grandma, Grandpa, thank you for teaching us to believe in love! At a time when divorces are so present and quickly pronounced, in all honesty and from us all, we sincerely wanted to tell you that you are the most beautiful models for us! You inspire us daily by proving that love is ageless and that by talking to each other, talking to each other calmly, we can all adjust. After all, few couples can boast of never having bickered again, especially not after 50 years of wedding and we love you so much! »

As it is not every day that we celebrate 50 years of union, Mr. and Mrs. Savoie keeps an excellent memory of this ceremony. Especially since they were able to share this momentum of happiness with their grandchildren and great-grandchildren. An incredible chance for Mr. Savoie to return to the procession accompanied by his little daughters and great-granddaughters. We can say that this ceremony will forever be engraved in their memory. While waiting for the next celebrations, we wish Mr. and Mrs. Savoie fifty years of happiness surrounded by their loved ones.

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