A new centenarian at Residences Soleil Manoir St-Laurent!

It’s with great pleasure that Residences Soleil – Groupe Savoie highlighted the one-hundredth birthday of Madam Marcelle Babouder. Born June 6th 1915 in Lebanon, she’s known at the residence for being lovely, kind and having a great sense of humor. Mom of three, she has the privilege of having a beautiful family with seven grand-children and 2 great grand-children.

When you turn 100 years-old, it's free

Staying at our Residence Soleil Manoir St-Laurent for almost 16 years, Madam Babouder will never have to pay rent again because of our amazing Programme Privilège Soleil. This unique program lets a resident who has lived for more than ten years in the same apartment to not pay a single more rent when he turns 100 years-old. To this day, we have more than 50 centenarians and near the half can enjoy free location. This program is generously offered by the Savoie Family.

Groupe Savoie wishes you another happy year filled with joy, health and laughter!


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Madam Marcelle Babouber, surrounded from left to right by Mr. Jean Grenier (Residences Soleil Manoir St-Laurent’s director), Mme. Francoise Côté (residents committee’s president), Mme. Thelma Thompson (residents committee’s vice-president), Mme. Maryse Mongeau (health services’ vice-director).