Another wedding at Residences Soleil

Long live to the newlyweds

It is under an arbor adorned with flowers that Mr. Gilles Poirier and his sweetheart, Mrs. Francine Brousseau, said yes.
On July 14, families and friends gathered at Residences Soleil Manoir Brossard to celebrate the wedding of its two residents. More than a hundred people were present to attend this tender moment. It is in all simplicity that the celebrant, Mr. Jean Leprohon, as well as the residents of the residence, have united these two lovers. Mr. Poirier and Ms. Brousseau moved the crowd with love and affection. A memory that will remain engraved in the memory of all. The celebration continued at the dining room on the 17th floor while the residents' committee prepared a beautiful reception for the occasion, enhanced by an orchestra offered as a wedding gift by the Savoie family. The guests and the bridegrooms were treated to a wonderful evening, a delicious dinner and touching speeches. The lovers started the ball beautifully during their first dance.

 Fisrt time at Manoir Brossard

For over 30 years now, beautiful love stories have emerged in our different residences. That we think of all the friendships that have been created and even couples who have formed, these stories are all the more inspiring as each other. While some weddings were celebrated at Residences Soleil, the wedding of Mr. Poirier and Mrs. Brousseau is considered the first official wedding celebrated in front of a celebrant at the residence. We are happy to see that all these beautiful moments have happened in our homes. Like what love exists at all ages!

A true love story

Long-time friends, Mr. Poirier and Mrs. Brousseau have always been close to each other. Unfortunately, having lost sight of each other over the years, fate brought them together when these two people met by chance during an event. Being recently widowed, Mr. Poirier found the days sometimes long. Wishing to cheer her up, Mrs. Brousseau invited her to a lunch with friends to introduce her to one of her friends. In spite of the friend's charms, M. Poirier only had eyes for Madame Brousseau. Falling in love at the first sight, it invited her to go out one evening. For four years now, these lovers know the great love. Wishing to celebrate on a grand scale, Mr. Poirier made his marriage proposal to all residents of Manoir Brossard during one of the many evenings.


On behalf of the Savoie family, we wish to congratulate the newlyweds and wish them happy years.