Big celebration for the 100th anniversary

Two new centenarians celebrate their birthday

Although it is very exceptional to celebrate a 100th anniversary, Les Residences Soleil celebrated two women who celebrated their 100th birthday in april.

A few days apart, both Ms. Farley and Ms. Pelletier received a standing ovation at the April anniversary.

Through more than 5,000 residents, we have the great privilege of currently having around fifty centenarians. Thanks to our unique programs such as the Privilege Soleil Program, twenty of them currently benefit from their free rent for as long as they stay in their apartment. To find out more about our various programs, do not hesitate to contact one of our hosting consultants at the toll-free number: 1 800 363-0663

Ms. Farley
Living at Residences Soleil Manoir Sorel, Mrs. Farley received the visit on April 5 of the mayor, deputies and councilors of Sorel and the members of his family to celebrate this great event. Coming from a large family of 13 children, Ms. Farley is a smiling and inspiring person for everyone. Also, she loves reading!

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Ms. Pelletier

At Sherbrooke, families and friends gathered to celebrate Ms. Pelletier's birthday. Respected by the residents of the Residences Soleil Manoir du Musee, Ms. Pelletier is still involved in the many activities offered at the residence. She never misses the "Bingo" afternoons and has been participating for many years in the choir.

We are proud to celebrate these precious moments and to see how beautiful people can thrive in their new and great family, Les Residences Soleil.

Because at Residences Soleil, people come here to relive!