Centenaries in autonomous residence

Although it is exceptional to celebrate a 100th anniversary, we are honored to have more than 7000 residents, nearly 50 years old, throughout our residences in Quebec.

Some forces of nature still live in our autonomous sections, while choosing very little care in order to preserve their autonomy. It is through their wisdom, their resilience, their sweetness and their contagious good mood that our centenarians are generally distinguished. They are a great source of daily inspiration for our residents and our employees, both young and old. Day after day, many of our residents and employees have the chance to meet them and share their breathtaking experience of life.

Our oldest is 111 years old!

Ms. St-Pierre Loyer will celebrate her 111th birthday!

Today, we would like to pay tribute to our great dean, Ms. St-Pierre Loyer. Super-centennial, she also holds the record for the deanship of all Residences Soleil since our 30 years in the service of the elders. In addition, according to our research, she is now Dean of Greater Montreal, Dean of the entire province of Quebec, most likely the oldest in Canada and possibly even North America. The problem of validation is mainly due to the fact that many centenarians no longer have at their disposal their birth certificate. Nevertheless, the family of Mrs. St-Pierre Loyer preserves very preciously and proudly this one.

Tribute to our dear Madame St-Pierre Loyer

It is an honor for us to count you among our beautiful and big family. As Dean of all Residences Soleil, you are a source of daily inspiration for all of us. We are very privileged to have been able to mark with you and your loved ones your last 11 birthdays and are even more so to count you among us for your 111th birthday, an age of great exception! You represent magnificently your title of dean and Super-centenary by the youth of heart and the great wisdom that you show day after day. Thank you to dazzle us, to transmit your liver and tell us your beautiful stories, it is in our eyes precious memories to cherish. The Savoie family is happy to offer you free rent again thanks to our unique Privilege Soleil program for over 8 years now. In our eyes, the venerable age you have achieved this merit to be rewarded by this great privilege. On behalf of the large family of Residences Soleil, we wish you all the best for your 111th birthday!
Very affectionately,
-The Savoie Family »

Learn more about the exceptional Ms. St-Pierre Loyer

Native of Bas-Saint-Laurent, our dean is greatly appreciated at the residence. Residents and employees are all the more dazzled by the many stories she loves to tell with passion and by her unwavering faith.
To read the article, the tribute and the photos published on the occasion of its 110th anniversary last year, as well as its 109th, along with several personalities including, the Honorable J. Michel Doyon, Lieutenant-Governor of the Quebec, as well as former Mayor of Montreal Denis Coderre, click here.

107 years old, another exceptional anniversary

A few days ago, we had the honor of celebrating another exceptional anniversary, Mrs. Leduc's 107th year at the October Birthday Party, as more than 100 residents and guests gathered to celebrate at Résidences Soleil Manoir Laval.

At 107 years old, Mrs. Leduc still makes her bed alone every morning! Resident at Manoir Laval for 10 years now, Mrs. Leduc sows joy wherever she goes. Greatly admired by all, this vivacious woman loves to have a good time with her children and great-grandchildren and take care of her garden.

The rent is free for our faithful centenaries

Did you know that thanks to the unique programs introduced by our founder, Mr. Eddy Savoie, our faithful centenarians no longer pay rent to Residences Soleil when they turn 100 and have been living with us for 10 years?
To know more about our different unique programs, check out this link.
And do not hesitate to contact one of our hosting consultants at the toll-free number: 1800 363-0663