Do you know Halloween’s origin?

As every year, our residents, employees and families enjoy the different celebrations surrounding Halloween. On this day, most part of our residents, employees and families are costumed and participate in the various activities in each Residences Soleil. 

Want to join us? Here is what awaits you in our different residences throughout the day: 

Halloween in pictures: 


Celtic Holiday

The term Halloween comes from the expression “All Hallows Eve”. It was the night before “All Hallows Saints’’, a celebration in honor of the saints happening every November 1st. Over 2 500 years ago, at every October 31st, the Celts (population who lived in a part of Europe about 2000 years B.C.) celebrated the festival of Samhain. It was the occasion to welcome the New Year and highlight the transition from summer to winter. Back then, New Year was also a celebration of the dead. During the nights of October 31st, the Celts invited the spirits of the missing to come join the living. Passages were created between the world of the living and the dead. To prevent the demons escaping from hell to harm them, many Celts wore hideous and repulsive clothes so the demons would mistake them for one of their own. That’s why we disguise ourselves the night of Halloween. Other Celts were knocking door to door claiming offerings in honor of their god. If the person at the door refused, they would throw curses and spells at them. This is the origin of the famous “Trick Or Treat”, meaning spell or candy. It’s only many centuries later that the festival of Samhain was called “All Hallows Eve”.


The Irish folktale Jack O’Lantern is the story of Jack, a greedy person who got refused into heaven and into hell. The devil sent Jack off into the dark with only a burning coal to light his way. Jack put the coal into a carved-out turnip and has been roaming between the two worlds ever since. Later, when the Irish immigrated to the United-States, they changed turnip to pumpkin since it was more popular there.

Take this special day to eat your favorite treats and spend quality time with your family. On our side, members of the Savoie Family have planned to go door to door with their little ones costumed and stay home with the less little ones to give candy to the neighborhood. In our Residences Soleil, the residents have the pleasure to receive the visit of many kindergartens during the day and during the evening, costumed parties, come see us! And you, what’s your Halloween tradition?

Les Residences Soleil wish you a very Happy Halloween! Send us your best costume and decoration pictures! We would love to share your photos on or directly on our Facebook page by clicking here

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