Dr Marsolais’ mission

For the well-being of the organs donors’ families

The mission of Dr. Marsolais is an organization that helps families of organ and tissue donors. The mission of Dr. Marsolais is the only organization that supports families morally and financially through this difficult experience, but so essential for recipients. 

Being very aware of the mission of this organization, the Savoie family is happy to offer families of donors from remote areas free lodging including 3 meals a day during the process of organ donation, within its residence located nearby: Les Résidences Soleil Manoir St-Laurent.

As a family business, it is important for us to support families and give them a little help in getting through this experience. Because we know that every gesture can make a big difference in this kind of situation.

In addition to providing support to families, this organization's mission is to educate the general public about organ donation and to support research into improving the function of organs. Les Résidences Soleil also offers Dr. Marsolais' mission the opportunity to hold organ and tissue donation conferences in all its residences. Residents, their families and the general public will be able to attend these conferences.

Together, we provide the comfort and support of the donor families.

Dr Marsolais’ mission

Support to donor’s families 

  • Professional help to families during the organ donation process
  • Personalized comfort
  • Dignified recognition
  • Financial assistance to families (travel, accommodation, meals)

Current Mission Actions and Initiatives:

  • Sending a $ 250 pre-paid credit card to resource nurses to meet the immediate needs of donor families during the organ donation process
  • Agreement with Les Résidences Soleil to offer free lodging to Les Résidences Soleil Manoir St-Laurent to donor families from remote areas including 3 meals a day during the organ donation process
  • Establishment of a Peer Support Network to provide comfort and listening to donor families during and after the organ donation process

To support the mission of Dr. Marsolais, 4 donation formulas are possible:

National Organ and Tissue Week

As part of National Organ and Tissue Donor Week taking place April 21 to 27, Transplant Québec is raising awareness of organ donation and inviting people to talk more with their loved ones. According to the most recent census, there are 168 donors and 451 people transplanted in Quebec in 2018. Despite its encouraging and growing numbers year after year, the number awaiting transplant has reached 805. Together, let's help reduce this number and save lives for the health and well-being of our society.

For more information on organ donation or to signify your consent to organ donation, click here

In addition to signing your consent via the form or back of your health insurance card, it is important to talk to your loved ones about your desire to offer your organs and tissues when you die, since those will have the final decision in their hands.

Articles in the media:

URBANIA Magazine, May 17, 2019: OFFERING LIFE THROUGH DEATH: LOSING A LOVED BEING. The family of the organ donor, this great forgotten. INFOLETTRES Mission of Dr. Marsolais: Spring 2017