Fall decorations

Beautiful achievements across all our residences

It is with enthusiasm and imagination that residents, employees and families decorated the grounds of each Residences Soleil during the month of October.

Creatively, these craftsmen made beautiful outdoor decorations for all visitors. Their goal, bring a warm, autumnal family touch to the exterior facade of their residence.

In addition to having a good time with each other, participants were given the chance to honor their residency by winning the title of The Best Decorated Residency as part of the fall festivities.

The most creative residence

Les Residences Soleil Manoir Sorel proclaimed big winner

It is through their creativity and sense of detail that the residents and employees of Manoir Sorel are honored with their magnificent decoration.

In addition to publishing this beautiful achievement in the local newspaper, they are awarded a sum of money that will be awarded for the activity Christmas Tree Stripping.


We would like to congratulate all participants for contributing to this wonderful project.

Autumn decorations in pictures: