First public-private partnership accredited by the CQA

CHSLD Saint-Lambert sur-le-Golf (residential and long-term care centre)

The CQA, Québec’s accreditation council, publicly revealed the unconditional accreditation for 4 consecutive years (2012-2016) of the very first public-private partnership in the Québec healthcare sector, the CHSLD Saint-Lambert sur-le-Golf (residential and long-term care centre). Mr. Robert Ranger from the CQA emphasized that this innovative project was an extraordinary first.

The Savoie family, owners of the first public-private partnership (PPP) in the healthcare sector in Québec (200 beds), were pleased to celebrate this heartwarming tribute during a ceremony and cocktail event attended by Mr. Richard Deschamps, President and General Director of the Montérégie health and social services agency (ASSSM), Mr. Eddy Savoie, President and founder of Groupe Savoie – Résidences Soleil, Ms. Nataly Savoie, Chairperson of the Board of Directors, Mr. Philippe Brunet, Mayor of St-Lambert, and several other guests with a special interest in the matter.

This festive event acknowledged the teamwork, discipline, professionalism and dedication of the executives and other persons involved in this pioneer project. A success indicative of how working together really can make a difference. The professionals, employees, volunteers, management personnel, as well as a good number of residents and their families, were proud to celebrate this successful initiative that would set the tone for the organization to continue delivering exceptional services to seniors on a daily basis. An event that allowed people to come together in a truly heartfelt manner.

About the CHSLD Saint-Lambert sur-le-Golf (residential and long-term care centre)

The CHSLD Saint-Lambert sur-le-Golf, a residential and long-term care centre owned by Groupe Savoie and incorporating 200 long-term care beds, has been operational since October 2010. Groupe Savoie is Canada’s largest family-owned private company operating residences with services for seniors, and currently houses around 7,000 persons in its 12 operational residences. Several hundred new residents will soon become members of the big Résidences Soleil family, with the completion of two major projects (in Brossard and Montreal). Groupe Savoie currently employs nearly 1,600 employees.

Press release issued June 7, 2013

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