Groupe Savoie – Résidences Soleil: A passion transmitted from one generation to the next!

Groupe Savoie – Résidences Soleil is a family business that has been providing accommodations and services to people in their golden years for over a quarter of a century. Back when the very first Groupe Savoie residence was built (Résidences Soleil Manoir Boucherville), Eddy Savoie had only one thing in mind: the priceless value of family. Eddy Savoie and his wife Carmelle successfully passed on this belief to their five children – Nataly, Janet, Nadine-Coïne, Nancy and Eddy Junior – all of whom are now key members of this wonderful organization. The entire Savoie family works closely together to consistently offer the best possible care and services to seniors. Certain values are paramount at Résidences Soleil: trust, loyalty, a healthy respect for life and work, love and honesty. Mr. Eddy Savoie now proudly shares these principles and passion with members of the family’s third generation. Groupe Savoie’s success at singlehandedly designing, developing, building and managing all Résidences Soleil residences is due to the efforts of the entire family, supported by a dedicated and competent team. The support of residents and their families has enabled Groupe Savoie to become Québec’s and Canada’s largest private family business in the seniors’ residences sector.

Résidences Soleil, a pledge of quality!

Résidences Soleil’s foremost priorities are quality of life and resident safety. Employees carry out their daily tasks so that residents can be fully independent while living in a welcoming environment that procures them peace of mind due to 24-hour security and the presence of care personnel around the clock. This constant commitment to people in their golden years and a keen sense of entrepreneurship have served to make Groupe Savoie – Résidences Soleil stand out over the past few decades.

The Savoie family is particularly proud to once again find itself on the list of Canada’s Best Managed Companies and a member of the Platinum Club for a fourth straight year (given its 12 consecutive years as a list member). This award acknowledges Canadian companies that have outshone their competitors, achieved sustainable growth, created thousands of jobs, and excelled in their own province.

Also a Consumer Choice Award recipient for the 12th year in a row, Résidences Soleil was proud to be so honoured and to find itself among the service companies ranked at the top of their field by consumers. Delighted to have been thus venerated and acknowledged for its business excellence, Résidences Soleil is considered the best service organization in the seniors’ residences sector.

Accessible to everyone: a key priority!

The main goal of Groupe Savoie – Résidences Soleil is to offer seniors the possibility of living in a warm family environment at an affordable cost. The Savoie family works hard every day to show seniors and their families – including those who live on a government pension and are entitled to a home support credit or housing allowance – that living in a Résidences Soleil residence is financially possible, regardless of budget.

The introduction of various exclusive programs helps seniors enjoy greater peace of mind when moving into a Résidences Soleil residence. For example, Résidences Soleil has developed an innovative program, Accommodation Soleil, which reduces the stipulation requiring the payment of two months’ rent (section 1974 of the Civil Code of Québec) to one month following the current month, subsequent to a resident’s death, permanent hospitalization or transfer to a residential and long-term care centre.

Résidences Soleil also offers a singularly unique 30-day guarantee whereby any new resident who is not satisfied during his first month at one of Groupe Savoie’s 14 residences can cancel his lease with no penalty or fees.

An organization with a wide-ranging appeal

To date, Groupe Savoie has designed and developed 14 residences for independent and semi-independent seniors in a number of Québec’s major cities, along with the first CHSLD borne of a public-private partnership. Well-deserved success for a family that never stops working to assure the well-being and safety of people in their golden years.

Opened a few months ago, Résidences Soleil Manoir Plaza, located in the former Crowne Plaza Hotel in Montréal's downtown core, offers all of the services and amenities seniors could want. In addition to the services, amenities and care found in all Résidences Soleil residences, Manoir Plaza also boasts two bowling lanes, an 18-hole indoor mini-putt, a golf simulation room, a bistro/café and a dining room on the building’s top floor which offers a stunning view of metropolitan Montréal. Owing to its strategic position directly atop the Sherbrooke metro station, residents can immerse themselves in the city’s eclectic culture without ever having to set foot outdoors.

Always attuned to resident needs

The doors to every Résidences Soleil residence are open to visitors every day of the year, including weekends. Accommodations counsellors are on hand every day between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. (at all residences) to answer any questions seniors or their families may have. With or without an appointment, on a weekday or over the weekend, people can visit a residence of their choice, certain they will always be greeted with a sunny smile.

Résidences Soleil… where we embrace life!

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