Happy Grandparents’ day

For the occasion of the Grandparents' day, on Sunday, September 8th, 2019, the Savoie family offers a free meal to all grandchildren who will visit their grandparent.

Because family so precious, in our eyes every gesture is important in order to bring family together.

Come share a beautiful moment with your parents and grandparents.


Send us your beautiful family pictures !

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Family-friendly environment

We encourage family members to come and see their loved ones at any time! Whether it be to take part in activities or to share a meal, your children and grandchildren are always welcome at Residences Soleil. You can invite your family to come eat with you in our dining room at any time; advance reservations aren’t required and you need not fret about the preparations and cleaning generally associated with having people over. You can even invite your children and grandchildren to take part in your regular activities (like taking a refreshing dip in the pool). Spend precious moments and build lasting memories with your loved ones.

We encourage families to visit as often and whenever they like, even at mealtime. Our vast dining rooms make it possible for residents and their guests to share a meal, which is just one reason why Residences Soleil residences are renowned for being warm and welcoming environments. Family get-togethers are also facilitated by the presence of large common areas and a wide variety of amenities.