HAPPY residents

What's better than a HAPPY video to show it's possible to have fun at any age?

Featuring : Harlem Shake, Pyjama Party, ROTFL and much more.

We’re thrilled to share this brilliant video, taken on the spur of the moment at Residences Soleil Manoir Brossard.

Please share this video to help eliminate age prejudice and simply : make people smile!

We wanted to share this Happy video to bring a smile to your face and bright up your day!

We have the ambitious project to make this video go viral in order to help eradicate ageism and other related prejudice. We want people to be in peace with idea of aging. And we especially hope that this small moment of sheer happiness can make you and everyone around you smile! We thank you for sharing!

We would particularly like to thank our “resident actors” from Residences Soleil Manoir Brossard.

This video is presented by:


Production Video 4D
Production: Sabrina Barabé
Cinematography: Édouard Dufour-Boiteau
1st camera assistant: François Bouchard
1st production assistant: Léa Marinova
Supervision : Groupe Savoie > Katarina-Darkise Marcil
and Carra Senior > Pierre Bélanger.

Music: Happy – Pharrell Williams 

*Warning: For safety reasons, the production of certain sections of this video was supervised by professionals. Please do not attempt to reproduce any content on your own. For example: three-wheeled scooter races are prohibited in our residences.