2021 Consumer Choice Award Winner

Les Résidences Soleil are laureates for the 18th consecutive year of the Consumer’s Choice award in the Private residences for seniors category. This award was created in 1987 to recognize excellence in business and is awarded by consumers in the industry. This is a guarantee of quality for anyone wanting to reduce their risk of purchase.

This award is particularly close to our hearts because it proves that our efforts have paid off. It would have been impossible to achieve this goal without the presence of our dedicated employees. At Les Résidences Soleil, employees and residents are considered family, so receiving proof of their satisfaction is a balm in the heart, especially after a year like we have just lived.

A family business of several generations

For Mr. Eddy Savoie, being successful in business is not just about doing good business. Above all, it’s about building something that contributes to people’s happiness and when it is possible to involve your family in addition, that is a great privilege! That’s why he’s so proud to have three generations of the Savoie family working for the company today.

Mr. Eddy Savoie knew how to transmit his values ​​to his children. Trust, loyalty, respect for life and work, love and above all honesty are principles that guide them every day.

It is on these solid foundations that Groupe Savoie has been able to build today the largest family business and private company in the field of residences for the elderly in Canada.

Les Résidences Soleil are proud to be your number one choice and hope to remain so for a long time to come!