Let’s help the families affected by the floods!

While the spring floods are felt throughout the province, Les Résidences Soleil wishes once again to help disaster victims by offering them a home.

In recent days, we have made every effort to accommodate and shelter the victims, particularly the seniors, the time to get back on their feet. For as little as $50 per day, they will have access to all services including: accommodation, three meals a day, leisure and amenities and a 24-hour security.

Les Résidences Soleil Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Sorel, Laval, Sherbrooke and du Musee have already begun their active support for the victims by providing apartments, where they will be warm and safe. For close to 30 years, we have been building close relationships in each of our regions, with the Canadian Red Cross to help with emergencies such as this one.

We are very pleased to be able to help the victims. To date, more than 74 municipalities are on the alert where nearly 2,300 homes are flooded throughout Quebec. Touching the people of Quebec, together, we help the victims to the best of our abilities!

To get help from the Canadian Red Cross at a Sun Residences

You must contact a representative of the Canadian Red Cross at 1-800-863-6582 or visit this web page

If you wish to offer your respite stay

For information or to book your short stay in Résidences Soleil, contact us at:


Last year – May 2017

After past week’s floods, Les Residences Soleil want to help the victims by offering them shelter.

Several short stays have therefore been specially prepared to welcome and accommodate at short and medium-term all the affected families, especially the golden agers. Like our residents, they will have access to the same services during their short or medium stay, for as little as $50/day, including : three meals per day, 24-hour security, freedom, amenities, varied meals, leisure, activities, etc.

Sometimes in collaboration with the Red Cross, sometimes directly with the affected families, we work as hard as we can to help as many residents of these waterfront areas as possible. We are now housing twelve families and are waiting for more with open arms, ready to not only accommodate them, but also support them during these difficult circumstances.

Les Residences Soleil Manoir Dollard-des-Ormeaux and Les Residences Soleil Manoir Sorel have already begun their support to the victims by providing them apartments, where they will be warm and safe.

The spring flood of the past few weeks is particularly harsh for hundreds of people directly affected. Many of them had to leave their home. About 170 municipalities in Quebec are caught up with these floods. The worst is now passed, but the return to normal will be long and a lot of work remains to be done.

Seeing the critical needs of these evacuated families, we are more than happy to be able to offer them a home while the situation gradually stabilizes. 

Welcome to all!

Les Résidences Soleil, Floods, Québec, 2017