Maman Dion Foundation

A brunch with a musical touch

It is with great pleasure that Mr. and Mrs. Savoie accepted the honorary presidency of this great event highlighting the most famous mother of Quebec.

It is under a festive atmosphere that was held on May 6th, the musical brunch for the benefit of the Maman Dion Foundation. Many people came together to attend the performance of guest artist Michel Louvain. Accompanied by his singers and musicians, Mr. Louvain delivered an incredible show for nearly two hours.

Since 2006, The Maman Dion Foundation's mission is to foster the development, the development of self-esteem and the desire to succeed in school for underprivileged children throughout Quebec. As a major partner of the event, we are very pleased to contribute to the many projects of the foundation to make a difference in the lives of its children.

Congratulations to the organizers of this event for this great success!

To consult the article of the Journal de Montréal, click here

Ms. Carmelle Savoie, Mr. Eddy Savoie, Maman Dion and Mr. Michel Louvain. Credit: Ferland Photos

Maman Dion with her daughter Denise, Lisette and Claudette interpreting few songs. Credit: Ferland Photos

Maman Dion, Mr. Michel Bergeron and Mr. Eddy Savoie. Credit: Ferland Photos