Meet the love in Residence♥︎

For the occasion of Valentine’s Day, our entertainers took pleasure in taking the testimonies of couples formed in residence, long-standing couples and friendly meetings. Life in residence is full of beautiful encounters!

For 35 years now, beautiful love stories have emerged in our various residences. Think of all the friendships that have been created and even couples that have formed, the few weddings were celebrated at Résidences Soleil, these stories are all the more inspiring.

For our week of love, you will be invited to consult our daily capsules on our social networks highlighting these beautiful stories that caught our attention. In the meantime, we present you a small overview of the testimonies we have collected!

Mr. Rémacle Ratelle & Ms. Pierrette Dupont Tardif

Ms. Tardif and Mr. Ratelle met during a walking activity at Résidences Soleil ManorLaval. Having led her husband to the end, Ms. Tarif did not want a new partner. After meeting Mr. Ratelle, our resident chose to live this new adventure together. A long life to you!

Mr. Tanguay & Ms. Laroche

This young couple of residents met in April 2023 at the Résidences Soleil Manor Granby. During the April Birthday Party, the two residents spoke at length and bonded through their shared family values. Mr. Tanguay and Mrs. Laroche testified that they never thought they would meet love in residence and are now very happy with each other. We wish them all the happiness

Ms. Lalumière & Mr. Raymond Turgeon

Ms. Lalumière and Mr. Raymond Turgeon have been living at Résidences Soleil Manor Plaza for 6 years. The couple has always adored Valentine’s Day and enjoy this day to spoil and spend a romantic moment. Ms. Lalumière and Mr. Turgeon each own their own apartment and do their daily hobbies together. During an evening at the residence, the couple went dancing and experienced a moment of nostalgia while listening to songs of their time. They told us that this moment brought back their flame. Since then, they have been inseparable. We wish you a memorable Valentine’s Day!

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