November 13 : World Kindness Day and Eddy Savoie’s birthday

On this day, November 13, we are highlighting two events. The first: World Day of Kindness and the second: the anniversary of our president and founder of Les Residences Soleil, Mr. Eddy Savoie. For us, these two events make one since Monsieur Savoie is a true ambassador of kindness.

World Kindness Day

In the 1960s, in Japan, people wanted to educate teenagers on violence in schools. So in order to raise awareness, a group launched the “movement of kindness”. The movement gained momentum throughout Asia and Europe, that’s why in 2000, the World Kindness Movement instituted the official day of kindness. In Quebec, it has only become official in 2014.

Why is it important to celebrate the human quality that is kindness? The answer is simple. The kindness facilitates life in society and makes it more pleasant. Kindness is a smile, an attention to another person, someone who gets inform about how you’re doing, it comes in many forms and it’s always sincere.

Eddy Savoie

It is no coincidence that the anniversary of Mr. Eddy Savoie is the same date as the World Kindness Day. His values such as family, self-giving and open-mindedness make him a man rich in kindness. We wish a very happy birthday to Mr. Savoie, the owner, founder and head of Groupe Savoie – Les Résidences Soleil’s board. A person who spreads so much joy and happiness around himself deserves nothing but the best. Happy Birthday!

In order to learn more about our devoted Mr. Savoie, here are a top 5 things to know about him.

Eddy Savoie, Birthday, Les Residences Soleil


1. Mr. Savoie has 5 kids, 13 grandkids, 3 great-grandkids and 2 on the way. He spends lots of time with every one of them. Right now, he’s probably celebrating his anniversary with all of them.
2. His favorite type of music is Country. Even thought, he’s a busy man, he always attends Country Festivals of the region. He proudly wears his black cowboy boots and his leather jacket along with his wife and friends. For him, Country music is a source of joy telling stories from the heart.
3. He’s been married to his wife Carmelle for 49 years. He likes to call Coco, Carm or boss. He considers her being a ray of sunshine and he never misses an opportunity to tell how much he loves her or how pretty she is. He’s also very proud that he never had a single fight with her.
4.It’s because of Mr. Savoie’s parents that he had the idea to create Les Residences Soleil. In the end of the 80s, his parents moved in with him and Carmelle. They lived with them 10 years. After ten years they needed special care so Mr. Savoie decided to visit some residences. He couldn’t find a single one with all the services he wanted. That’s why he decided to build one. One morning, while he was heading off to work, Mr. Savoie was thinking and brainstorming for a residence name. The sunshine was so bright, beating down by the sunroof. That’s how he came up with the name.
5. Second child of the family, Eddy Savoie grew up in a poor background. At the age of 15, Eddy Savoie left the family home to start working in Montreal, He found a job in manufacture. He produced belt buckles for a small wage of 35 cents per hour. During his free times, he would study plumbing. At the age of 20, he’s officially a plumber. In 1966, he starts his own plumbing company : Savoie Construction.