Residents of Résidences Soleil Manoir Mont St-Hilaire baptise the new hiking trail

On June 25, the new hiking trail created by the City of Mont St-Hilaire was inaugurated; in attendance for this momentous event were Mayor Yves Corriveau and municipal counsellor for the Le Rouville district, Mr. Jean-Pierre Brault. The entrance to the nearly 3-km long trail is conveniently located at Résidences Soleil Manoir Mont St-Hilaire and its exit, at the rue Du Massif traffic light.

Residents elated at the news!

An impressive number of residents were on hand, alongside Manoir Mont St-Hilaire director Ms. Clodine Fortin, to thank and applaud the elected officials for this welcome initiative. One resident, Mr. Lucien Recouarne, was truly overjoyed, and explained that he walked the length of the trail every single day. As for Ms. Rose Mailhot, aged 94, the trail makes her feel safer, as it provides her with a path for reaching the Du Massif intersection to cross boulevard Laurier. “[Translation] I never went out much, but now I walk along the trail every morning at 7:00 a.m., making my way to Pain dans les voiles.”

The trail has brought such joy and made such a difference in residents’ lives that they decided to name it the “Sentier Soleil” (the sunshine trail).

A wonderful initiative

The Mayor, Mr. Corriveau, expressed his pleasure at the project’s success. “[Translation] As administrators of public funds, we sometimes ask ourselves whether certain expenses are truly necessary. Seeing everyone so happy today, the answer couldn’t be clearer.”

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