Safe Visits Commitment+

Our commitment to visits that comply with gouvernment standards

We are aware of the changing expectations and needs of our current and future residents. We have therefore decided to commit to providing a safe and secure environment for all residents, visitors and employees, by strengthening our hygiene practices in all 14 of our residences in accordance with government standards.

At Les Résidences Soleil, we are proud that, for the past 33 years, we have been offering a safe, close-knit and fulfilling environment, where life is good for people in their golden years. As a family business, our priority is above all the well-being of our employees, partners and residents as well as their loved ones, who are more than ever an integral part of our extended family.

Since the situation surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19) began in March, our teams have worked diligently in the face of this threat to protect the health and safety of our residents. Little by little, we have strengthened our health protocols by working closely with expert advisers in disinfection and disease prevention.

Finally the Management, along with our Communications team, has been able to effectively respond to requests from families and residents, and address concerns, suggestions, and issues with ease. At the same time, we provided reassurance and comfort, which was much needed at this time.

Our staff has undergone various training sessions and is now ready to welcome visitors safely. To reassure you before your arrival at the residence or to provide a positive experience during your visit, we have thought of everything.

Protocol for rental visits in 5 steps

PHASE 1. Before you arrive at the residence

  • While scheduling a meeting with an accommodations counsellor, they will explain the prevention protocols in place at the residence to ensure your safety as well as the safety of our residents and employees. You will then have all the required information about the guidelines to follow upon your arrival and during your visit. The accommodations counsellor will also take the time to reassure you about the situation inside the residence.   
  • Visits are limited at a maximum of 2 people.If you like, your accommodations counsellor will offer you to make a video call if a third family member wishes to join the visit remotely, or schedule two separate visits.
  • Your accommodations counsellor will contact you before your visit to check your symptoms and any exclusion criteria. If you are not sure, your counsellor will offer you to schedule your visit at a later date.
  • Your counsellor will also ask you to avoid all non-essential travel prior to your arrival at the residence to keep community contamination risks at a minimum.

You can visit our website’s COVID update page at any time to learn about the situation in every one of our residences. You can then rest assured by confirming that there are still no positive cases at the residence.

PHASE 2. Upon arrival at the residence

  • Before entering inside the residence, you must put on a mask or a face cover. If you do not have a mask or face cover, the receptionist will give you a surgical mask.
  • We also recommend wearing eye protection (safety glasses or face shield). If you do not have eye protection, the receptionist will offer you either safety glasses or a face shield; you will be able to take one of your choice and keep it after the visit.    
  • You must follow our safety protocol, after which our receptionist will validate and authorise your admittance:   
    • Hand sanitization;
    • Read, fill out and sign our Visitor’s Questionnaire;
    • Follow the posted signs;
    • Temperature reading with a contactless infrared thermometer.  
  • Our receptionist on duty 24/7 will give you a warm welcome and explain the hygiene rules inside the residence to you.
  • Your accommodations counsellor will come greet you at the reception, take you to their office and explain other safety measures.
  • A two-meter distance between each person must be maintained at all times.

PHASE 3. In the presence of your accommodations counsellor

  • We want to reassure you that all our staff members are trained according to the best sanitary and infection prevention measures related to COVID-19. Furthermore, all employees have refresher trainings every month.
  • Your accommodations counsellor will make sure to sanitize all high-contact surfaces (doorknobs, desks, chairs. etc.) between every visit.
  • A hand sanitizer dispenser will also be available to you.
  • Your accommodations counsellor will wear a procedure mask and eye protection at all times when they are with you.
  • For your counsellor’s health and well-being as well as yours, a protective barrier is installed on your accommodations counsellor’s desk. However, it is still mandatory to keep your mask or face cover on at all times.
  • You will be given a pen that you can keep to avoid sharing with other visitors.
  • To avoid unnecessary return trips to the residence, your accommodations counsellor will make sure to fully understand your needs and thus limit the visit to the places you most want to see.

PHASE 4. During the visit of the residence

  • You must keep your mask at all times.  
  • The two-meter distance between your accommodations counsellor and yourself, as well as with any other residents and employees you could meet during the visit, must be maintained. 
  • Your accommodations counsellor will guide your visit and will kindly open all doors and press all elevator buttons for you.
  • Sanitizer dispensers are available at various places inside the residence. We will ask you to sanitize your hands often during the visit.
  • The visit usually includes 2 model apartments (depending on availability) that suit your needs.
  • Visitors are not allowed to enter our activity rooms for the moment. However, they will be shown through videos and photos.
  • Your accommodations counsellor will offer to go back to their office to answer all of your questions, provide you with all required documents to make an informed decision and conclude the visit.

PHASE 5. Leaving the residence

  • You must inform the receptionist that you are leaving to register your time of departure on your questionnaire.
  • You will have to keep wearing your mask or face cover at least until you are outside of the residence, at a proper distance of all other persons, and until you are able to remove it safely and sanitize your hands.