Satisfaction Soleil’s guarantee

Satisfaction insurance is unique at Residences Soleil 

At Residences Soleil we offer you automatically 30-days guarantee for all new residents. 

In this way, we eliminate all worries, because If you are not satisfied during your first month,you can cancel your lease, without costs and without penalty *.

"At Residences Soleil, our greatest wish is that every resident feels happy in his new home. At home, seniors do not come to die, they come to live again! "

– Eddy Savoie, president and founder

According to us, we think that 30 days is the time necessary for each new resident to settle in his new apartment and become familiar with the residence. Thus, it has the time to discover the many activities that await it, the many services that are offered and enjoy our healthy and varied meals.

Because any person deserves to be happy, we offer the possibility to cancel your lease without costs or penalty if there is dissatisfaction in the first 30 days. A unique insurance program who takes place by Mr. Eddy Savoie, more than 10 years ago.

Host commitee

To facilitate their arrival, each new resident can benefit from the support of all the employees of the residence as well as the reception committee and the residents' committee. As a result, new residents can be quickly supported by their peers and can more easily build relationships with other residents in the first few days.

A welcoming committee of volunteer residents is also involved in welcoming all new residents. These volunteers foster the integration of each other, create bonds, initiate friendships, educate and accompany newcomers during their first weeks.


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* Please note that our unique programs are exclusive to the Les Residences Soleil, they are all subject to change without notice and some conditions apply.