The pleasure of eating

In our dining room

What a pleasure to enjoy a good meal in a family dining room. For over 30 years now, Les Residences Soleil has placed the importance of the conviviality of the dining room to the delight of residents. For many of them, this place is significant because all this allows to gather together all the time of a good meal. In the morning, at noon, in the evening, the residents cultivate the pleasure of eating in the company of other residents, thus making it possible to forge links between them. The dining room is therefore a place conducive to bringing residents together and sharing good moments with those we care about.

Our dining rooms stand out for:

Their simplicity
It is easy for our residents to come and serve themselves in a specially adapted service area for residents. From the salad bar to the dessert counter, residents are kindly served their meals quickly by one of our food service attendants. At the resident’s request, the resident can even receive the cabaret service at the tables. Throughout the service, food service attendants regularly visit the tables to serve and ensure that residents enjoy their meals.

Healthy and varied meals
Our certified chefs prepare fresh, healthy and balanced meal recipes for residents. A salad and cold starter bar, 2 choices of soups or soups, 2 to 3 choices of meals and a dessert counter are available to all. Inspired by the seasons, cooks develop their menu according to the fruits and vegetables offered in the different seasons. In addition, a meal is specially designed for diabetics at each service.

Memorable moments with family
The dining rooms have been specially designed to accommodate many residents and families. Families and friends can share precious moments with people who are important to them. All occasions are good to come and enjoy a good meal at Residences Soleil. In addition, it is not necessary to reserve a place because everyone is welcome at all times.

The proximity of employees in the kitchen

While the kitchen connects directly with the dining room, residents can admire the work of the kitchen staff. Thus, residents can witness cooking preparations. As everything is home-made, the cooks are as busy with the accompanying vegetables as with the desserts, in the sight of the residents. As a result, residents see how hard kitchen staff are working to serve high quality of meals.

For more information about our dining rooms, contact us at 1 800 363-0663