The Savoie family is celebrating its 50th anniversary and is making seniors enjoy!

« All of Quebec’s seniors should be able to afford to retire in a safe, evolving, stimulating and caring environment that meets all their current and future needs. Our great family puts everything in place to ensure that financial peace of mind, and so we hope to set an example. If you sow good, you reap good! »    Eddy Savoie, owner, founder and great-grandfather

The love of seniors

It is with the family that Les Résidences Soleil was created, after more than twenty years of expertise in the fields of real estate and general and mechanical construction, and since then, this big family continues to grow. This family spirit translates into warm, safe and caring living environments where everyone feels alive, and even relive, and affordable environments that evolve with the needs of residents.

Pioneers of the concept of private residence offering all the services and amenities to satisfy the people of the beautiful age, the Savoie family has always sought solutions to make its living environment concept financially accessible and to offer a dream retirement to all seniors in Quebec.

The Origin of the Home Support Tax Credit for People Aged 70 and Over

Did you know that it is thanks to the Savoie family, in close collaboration with the late Robert Chagnon, founding member of the ARRQ (now known as the Regroupement québécois des résidences pour aînés – RQRA), that the government introduced the home stay tax credit in 2000? Thanks to this program, people aged 70 and over in Quebec can receive financial assistance to reimburse between 15% and 65% of their eligible expenses for home stay services, even if they are self-employed.

Continually innovate and lead by example to advance Quebec

As the sole owner of this family and Quebec jewel, the Savoie family is committed to discussing societal issues and innovating to meet the needs of the population. Its fully integrated business model allows it to make unique decisions in the market specifically to meet the needs of its senior clientele. As part of the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Savoie Group, The Savoie Family has decided to give people aged 65 to 69* the equivalent of the current tax credit for home care so that all seniors can now afford the retirement of their dream at the Résidences Soleil.

(*) This promotion is subject to change without notice. Contact the Résidences Soleil accommodation advisors for full details.

Are you 70 years old or older ?

You have the means ! The accommodation advisors posted 7 days a week in Les Résidences Soleil will accompany you free of charge in your requests for financial assistance from governments, ensuring that you receive all the income to which you are entitled, including the Home Support Tax Credit.

Are you between 65 and 69 ?

You also have the means! As part of the 50th anniversary of Groupe Savoie, the Savoie Family has decided to generously offer you the equivalent of the current tax credit for home maintenance so that you can enjoy the retirement of your dreams at Résidences Soleil. Contact Résidence Soleil advisors for more information. (This promotion is subject to change without notice.)

Les Résidences Soleil

Family-friendly, scalable, responsive and safe

Life in Les Résidences Soleil is organized to allow you to enjoy all the pleasures in peace of mind. Together, we are helping you enjoy a successful retirement.

Affordable and accessible for all

The vocation of Les Résidences Soleil is to offer a retreat that suits your needs while respecting your means; it is possible and most likely easier than you think

Book your visit in Les Résidences Soleil, from Monday to Sunday from 9 am to 5 pm.

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