Throwback to the cook session of Sœur Angèle at Résidences Soleil Manoir Plaza

On April 2nd, Soeur Angèle cooked her famous sucre à la crème from the top of the 24th floor of the Résidences Soleil Manoir Plaza (in downtown Montreal). Everyone had a great time! There was the singer Eli who sang few classics: Elvis and Aznavour. Visitors and residents could taste and talk to Soeur Angèle.

During the second presentation, the founder Mr. Eddy Savoie joined his long-time friend Soeur Angèle for the recipe. The day led to some great intergenerational exchanges between residents, Mr. Savoie, Soeur Angèle and the visitors.

Thank you to all the residents and visitors for your participation!☀️