What distinguishes us

We innovate continuously for the well-being of seniors 

Motivated by the sincere love that we bring to our customers, for 30 years now, we seek to improve ourselves continuously.

Pioneers in the field of private residences for seniors, our daily motivations are driven by a family philisophy where all our residences, their families, our employees, our suppliers and collaborators are our part of one and the same big family.

Dear visitors, here are some elements that distinguish Les Residences Soleil from other seniors' residences:

Unique elements at Residences Soleil  Les Residences Soleil  Others residences

Our accommodations counsellors are available 365 days/ year to welcome you and introduce you to our residences, with or without an appointment: 

  • They can pick up you at charge for a visit.
  • They will guide you, for free of charge, in procuring financial assistance from both governments levels. 
  • They are not sellers, their role is to advise you.
  • They will become one of your contacts for all questions, information and temporary or permanent changes to the choice of your services, for free of charge.

Exclusive programs who rewarding our loyal residents:

  • Free rent for loyal centenary.* No more rent increase for loyal residents reaching 90 years of age.*
  • Our Satisfaction insurance allowing the termination of the lease, free of charge and without penalty, during the first month. 
  • An accomodation program reducing the legal payment obligation to a full month of a lease following the current month in which the apartment is vacated due to death permanent hospitalization or relocation to a residential and long-term care centre.

Leisures, activities and amenities are included for free of charge and accessible 24 hours a day for residents and their guests.

  • No curfew for residents / visitors, thanks to a 24-hour receptionist to identify each entrance and exit.

An annual general meeting is held by the owners each year in each:

  • Residents, families and employees submit suggestions for improvement.
  • A residents' committee elected annually represents residents in their choice of activities, parties, outings, etc.
  • A reception committee made up of residents is also set up.

Large variety of care and flexible services free of charge and payable on lease or deed. You only pay for what you.

Affordable for all seniors, regardless of their budgets.

One of the only residences where families can eat without having to book in advance.

As a pioneer in private residences offering the services required to meet senior’s need.

  • The largest private, family-owned campany in the field in Canada. 
  • No investor or shareholder other than the family, with full control.
  • Oversees alone the development, design, construction, operation, management and financing of each of its residences. 
  • Three generations are already present daily in the lives of its thousands of residents.

A family business, a guarantee of quality

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