The Promo 65-69 years old: so all young seniors have the means!

« All of Quebec’s seniors should be able to afford to retire in a safe, evolving, stimulating and caring environment that meets all their current and future needs. Our entire family puts everything in place to ensure that financial peace of mind, and so we hope to set an example. If you sow good, you reap good! »  

Mr. Eddy Savoie, owner, founder and President of the C.A., Les Résidences Soleil – Famille Savoie

In Les Résidences Soleil, we make every effort to not only offer housing options accessible to all budgets, even the smallest, but also to help our residents get the financial income programs available to seniors by our governments.

However, since one of these important programs is only accessible from the age of 70, the Savoie Family has imagined this promotion in the meantime. It is estimated between $80 and $400 per month, according to various criteria.

Among the many advantageous and unique programs at Les Résidences Soleil, intended to support young retirees in the realization of their retirement project, the Promo 65-69 years old* opens the doors of life in residence!

Promo 65-69 years old, its main goal is:

  • To ensure that all people aged 65 and over have the financial means!

Promo 65-69 years old, is:

  • A ground-breaking initiative, unique to Les Résidences Soleil and ideal for active and autonomous young retirees who need financial support to facilitate the arrival at Les Résidences Soleil.
  • A wise and welcomed investment in the fulfillment of retirees.
  • The perfect solution to start this new stage of life in the best possible financial conditions.

Promo 65-69 years old, is intended for:

  • Young seniors aged 65 to 69 who wish to begin their retirement at Les Résidences Soleil.
  • Young seniors looking for a comfortable, safe and dynamic living environment.

Promo 65-69 years old, corresponds to:

  • The equivalent of the Government’s Home Support Tax Credit for seniors aged 70 and over, based on the rent portion.
  • Concrete financial assistance in the form of rent reduction.

Promo 65-69 years old, allows to:

  • Greatly facilitate financial access to seniors housing for all young seniors so they can take full advantage of the benefits of quality housing at Résidences Soleil.
  • Concretize the dream of living your young years of retirement in a senior housing complex including so much leisure.
  • Choose a safe, dynamic living environment adapted to your new life as a young retiree.
  • Maintain peace of mind, both for yourself and for your loved ones.

Thanks to innovative financial programs that set us apart, including Promo 65-69 years old*, Assurance Satisfaction, Commitment 1%, rent freeze at 90 years old, etc., our ongoing commitment to the financial well-being of our current and future residents is without a doubt one of our core values. 

We want all retirees, regardless of their age and financial situation, to have the means to live their beautiful retirement years in a welcoming, stimulating, evolving, warm and accessible environment!

*This promotion is subject to change without notice. Contact Les Résidences Soleil Accommodation Advisors for all the details.

How to take advantage of this unique offer?

Young seniors enjoying their new life at Les Résidences Soleil
Promo 65-69 years old at Les Résidences Soleil

Enjoy the retirement of your dreams at Les Résidences Soleil, with secure access to a multitude of amenities and leisure.
Schedule an appointment to visit us by specifying in your request that you wish to benefit from the offer “Promo 65-69 years” unique to Les Résidences Soleil.

Tell us all about the life you desire and about your needs, and we will put you in touch with our accomodations consellors at the nearest residence.

You wish to visit one of our Résidences Soleil, choose your accommodation and take advantage of this offer?

Contact one of our accommodation consultants to get a free estimation and find out what other programs you are entitled to!

Our experts accompany you free of charge to help you maximize the government financial aid available to you: significant income to which you are entitled.
Let our advisors prove you that you have the financial means at Les Résidences Soleil!

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