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Active lifestyle (leisures)

Leisures and activities that can be enjoyed by all

Whether you are independent or need care or support, we believe in helping you enjoy an active, suitable lifestyle. To do so, Residences Soleil offers a wide selection of recreational activities adapted to residents with varying capabilities.

Each residence has a care unit dedicated to those who need additional support and services. Our recreational activities coordinators work closely with the residents’ committee and management personnel to select and adapt daily activities that can be enjoyed by all. Retirement marks the start of a new life at Residences Soleil, and we make sure our residents thrive through an active lifestyle, regardless of their condition!

Variety of leisures

Lawn bowling or billiards, time spent in the spa or swimming pool, these are but a few of the activities that are part and parcel of the lifestyle at Residences Soleil.

Perhaps you would like your grandchildren to take a dip in the pool with you? Family members can visit you at all times and partake in these leisure activities, at no cost! At Residences Soleil, we encourage such precious moments with family.

You can also attend conferences and performances, without setting foot outside of your residence. All of these activities are included in the cost of your rent. And even with such a multitude of services and recreational activities, everyone can afford to live at Residences Soleil!

Residents’ committee

At Residences Soleil, we give residents a say in their regular activities, for we firmly believe that you are the ones who know best how you want to spend your time.

To this end, each Residences Soleil residence holds an annual general meeting where a residents’ committee is elected. Comprising anywhere from 7 to 13 people, this committee represents all residents and works with management and the recreational activities coordinator to ensure that recreational activities and residence life in general meet residents’ expectations.

These committees enable residents to express their needs and enjoy an active social life. They also allow Residences Soleil staff and management to better understand your needs and enhance your living environment accordingly.