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CHSLD Saint-Lambert sur-le-Golf (residential and long-term care centre)

After a long and exhaustive process, Groupe Savoie was selected to carry out an exemplary pilot project, the creation of 200 long-term care beds as part of a 25-year contract. The Saint-Lambert sur-le-Golf residential and long-term care centre (CHSLD) is the first major public-private partnership project in the healthcare sector in Québec. We are proud to be part of this initiative aiming to improve the quality of life of seniors while reducing population pressure.

To learn more about the CHSLD Saint-Lambert sur-le-Golf, see: http://www.chsldstlambertsurlegolf.com/.

Réseau d’information des aînés du Québec (RIAQ)

The RIAQ is a Web site developed to serve as an information network for Québec’s seniors. Once a member, you can keep up with the latest news and participate in forums and discussion groups. The RIAQ also has a good number of resources to answer any questions you may have.


Regroupement québécois des résidences pour aînés (RQRA)

The RQRA plays an active role in the seniors’ accommodations and housing sector. The group, which brings together the management and owners of private residences and residential and long-term care centres (CHSLD), is committed to improving the lives and services available to people in their golden years. http://www.rqra.qc.ca/

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