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> A warm family atmosphere reminiscent of home

A warm family atmosphere reminiscent of home

All together, with today more than 7 000 residents, surrounded by their relatives and more than 2 000 employees joining the four generations of the Savoie Family, we are convince to form the most beautiful and big family of the entire Quebec and even.. of Canada!

The company that owns Residences Soleil, Groupe Savoie, is a family business dedicated to providing services and meeting the needs of seniors. Founded over 25 years ago, Groupe Savoie now counts members of the family’s third generation among its dedicated personnel.

Our residents are central to everything we do and the reason our company continues to thrive.

Residences Soleil is a true family business, with its operations assured by a dedicated and skilled team.

A big and beautiful family

In addition to having an inner drive and highly developed business acumen, company founder Eddy Savoie has successfully passed on his values to his children. Not surprisingly, the business’ daily activities rest on the guiding principles of trust, loyalty, a healthy respect for a work-life balance, love, and last but far from least, honesty. These constitute the foundation on which Groupe Savoie has built what is now the largest family-owned private company in the seniors’ accommodations sector in Quebec.

Learn more about the family business’ history and early days on this page.

And for information on the prizes and awards won by Groupe Savoie over time, go to this page.

Life at Residences Soleil

Our primary concern at Residences Soleil is the quality of life of those we serve. We offer an environment where you are free to do what you like while enjoying the peace of mind that comes from living in a setting where your safety is ensured 24 hours a day.

Retirement is but the beginning of a new life, one which Residences Soleil wants to ensure you fully enjoy! Living at Residences Soleil is like spending your days at a hotel, surrounded by open spaces and where you can benefit from countless services and amenities (swimming pool, spa, billiards room, and more)!

Family-friendly environment

We encourage family members to come and see their loved ones at any time! Whether it be to take part in activities or to share a meal, your children and grandchildren are always welcome at Residences Soleil. You can invite your family to come eat with you in our dining room at any time; advance reservations aren’t required and you need not fret about the preparations and cleaning generally associated with having people over. You can even invite your children and grandchildren to take part in your regular activities (like taking a refreshing dip in the pool). Spend precious moments and build lasting memories with your loved ones.

We encourage families to visit as often and whenever they like, even at mealtime. Our vast dining rooms make it possible for residents and their guests to share a meal, which is just one reason why Residences Soleil residences are renowned for being warm and welcoming environments. Family get-togethers are also facilitated by the presence of large common areas and a wide variety of amenities.

Activities chosen by residents

At Residences Soleil, we believe in giving residents a say in their regular activities. We firmly believe that you are the ones who know best how you want to spend your time! To this end, each Residences Soleil residence holds an annual general meeting where a residents’ committee is elected and given the mandate of ensuring that the recreational activities, outings and overall residence life meet the expectations of residents. These committees make it possible for residents to express their needs and enjoy an active social life. They also allow Residences Soleil staff and management to better understand your needs and continually enhance your living environment.

There is also a welcoming committee in each Residences Soleil residence, the members of which help new residents get their bearings, become familiar with their living environment, and quickly forge bonds and make friends.

Helping you make sound decisions is one of our priorities!

Our accommodations counsellors are committed to giving you accurate information, providing you with sound advice and helping you explore your options. On site 365 days a year, they are always available to answer any questions you may have.

Exclusive Residences Soleil programs

At Residences Soleil, we understand that many seniors may have financial restrictions. This insight is at the heart of our decision to focus on making sure residents continue to have the financial means to keep calling Residences Soleil home. We also have exclusive programs designed to allow eligible residents to benefit from a rent freeze or in some cases, rent-free housing. We’ve also introduced a complementary guarantee as well as an accommodations program, both unique to Residences Soleil.

See this page for further details on these exclusive programs.

Assurance Soleil, Les Résidences Soleil, Satisfaction

Residences Soleil’s 30-day guarantee
If you’re not satisfied during your first month as a resident, you may terminate your lease at no cost and without incurring a penalty.*

Accomodation, Les Résidences Soleil, Satisfaction

Accommodation Soleil program 

At Les Residences Soleil we accept to reduce the commitment of two-month payment (established by the article 1974 of the Régie du lodgement), to the equivalent of a full month’s rental payment2, following the current month in which the apartment is vacated due to death, permanent hospitalization or relocation to a residential and long-term care centre (CHSLD).*

*Note that our Unique Programs are exclusives to Les Residences Soleil large family and they are all subject to change without notice.

2For lack of respecting the conditions, the article 1974 will apply.

A family business, built on a promise to deliver quality accommodations and services.

Join the Residences Soleil family as of today and enjoy the sense of pride that comes from being part of Quebec’s biggest and most beautiful family!

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