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My big sister Wanda spent ten years or so here, during which time she kept urging everyone to become a member of the Residences Soleil family. She couldn’t stop saying how everybody was so kind to her and how well she was taken care of.

I’m now passing on her message, and urging everyone to come live here.

I feel wonderful here, particularly because of the staff in every department, all of whom make sure we feel safe and part of the family.

Ms. Josette Fahmy
Resident, Residences Soleil
Manoir St-Laurent

It is a great pleasure to help my fellow people for free and in return I greatly appreciate their recognition.
I admire my friends who have this charisma. Among others, my friend, the Vice-President of the Residents' Committee, always eagerly looking for all the needs of the residents. I see him constantly bend to help walkers, patients, casualties, technical problems etc .Listening to all the needs of anything. It impresses me so much. I wish it deserves special recognition on behalf of all residents who have been helped by him.

A happy resident who thanks you and congratulates you for the quality of your residences which is greatly appreciated by all my friends. 


Ms. Pierrette Tardif
Resident, Residences Soleil
Manoir Laval

Thank you to serving us with your beautiful smile, bring our plate to the table, inform you about our health and prepare us good meals. 

Know that I will never forget you, because you generously give your time and your kidness of each and every one of you.

I am very grateful and proud of you because you are doing a very good job. 

Madame Gauthier
Short-stay resident
Manoir Granby

To Groupe Savoie and all its employees,

Thank you for your warm wishes and the attention you bestowed on me for my 81st birthday... and of course, for the card, pin and balloon! Your ‘monthly evenings’ attest to how much you love the residents, and are but one of many gestures that make this a big family and a wonderful place to live.

Thank you! Thank you!

Ms. Cécile Martel
Manoir Boucherville

I adore being a member of the big Residences Soleil family. The people here are kind and easy to grow fond of. I truly feel as though I’m part of a team, as well as a family member. I want to thank Groupe Savoie for offering us - free of charge - delicious and varied meals every day. This and many other kind gestures are the things that make us realize how important our well-being is to you. Keep up the good work.

Ms. Manon Brodeur
Employee, Residences Soleil
Manoir Granby

My father became incredibly peppy after moving into your Sainte-Julie residence. He’s also busier than ever and constantly participating in different activities. It’s truly a pleasure to see him like this.

On behalf of the entire Mathieu family, thank you for offering this new life to our father.

Daughter of Mr. Jean-Paul Mathieu
Family of a resident, Residences Soleil
Manoir Sainte-Julie

Personally, I just made a sixth reservation for a short stay for next weekend at the Manoir Plaza, a Residences Soleil located on Sherbrooke Street in Montreal. This residence has been open for a little more than a year and I assure you that you will be well received. It has beautiful apartments, good food and a variety of interesting activities. The dining room located on the twenty-fourth floor, completly glazed, offers a breathtaking view of Montreal.

I think I was the first to make a short stay at the Residences Soleil Manoir Plaza and believe me, I have the record of short stays with five since its opening, if not, I will surely have it with six stays. Is it necessary to say more to help you make a choice? Ha! Ha!

M. Yvon Constant
Short-stay resident
Manoir Plaza

I can affirm that for my wife Claudette and I, it's HEAVEN on earth living at Residences Soleil Manoir Laval. Health care, dining room, housekeeping, laundry and all the SERVICES and ACTIVITIES offered are AMAZING. Even though we left a great place like Quebec City, we love it here. We wish the same to everyone else!

René Sanfaçon
Resident, Les Residences Soleil
Manoir Laval

Mr. Savoie,
I wanna thank you for putting in place all these Residences Soleil and I'd also like to thank the good Lord for giving you this gift of organizing and spreading joy. Yes, my daughter Marilène and I, are very pleased here at Residences Soleil in Granby, I never thought we could live the rest of our days forever happy in a residence. In the past, I have asked the good Lord to help me find a residence I would love and where I would be loved. And with a chapel here, it's truly the good Lord who brought us here and we're so grateful. The staff is very welcoming, loving and understanding. The food is very good and healthy. We feel appreciated and respected in every aspect, we are so happy I'm crying with joy.

We thank you for your kind holiday wishes and we wish you, your wife, your great family and all the staff members : health, love, peace, joy, that Blessed Trinity and Saint Mary bless and protect you, because you make people happy.

One among many who greatly appreciate their happiness here. 

Fernande Coté et Marilène Coté
Residents, Les Residences Soleil
Manoir Granby