100 springs for Ms. Cécile Caron Bourget!

By : La Relève La Seigneurie

Date : March 8th 2017

There was more sun than usual at Les Residences Soleil Manoir Sainte-Julie since they were celebrating the 100th spring of  Ms. Cécile Caron Bourget, a resident since 2013.

The new centenarian, whom was born in Percé in Gaspésie, will actually celebrate her anniversary on March 19th. Ms. Caron Bourget married her husband Michel, also from Percé, and from this union was born three children, two girls and a boy. Like the women of her generation, she was a housewife, caring for children and managing the house.

Widow at 57 years old, she took her life back in hand, returning to the work market. When she retired with a new companion, she enjoyed going out, hiking and camping in her newest trailer surrounded by her children.

In short, she had a busy life filled with many joys.

Congratulations Mrs. Caron Bourget!

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