A Christmas dinner, courtesy of Mr. Eddy Savoie!

Today, Wednesday, December 16, 2015, hundreds of volunteers from the Popotte Roulante of Sercovie are walking the streets of Sherbrooke to deliver the traditional Christmas meal to their customers. In fact, nearly 660 people will have the surprise to receive a completely free Christmas meal thanks to the incredible generosity of Mr. Eddy Savoie, President and founder of the Groupe Savoie – Les Residences Soleil.

During the holidays, generosity and mutual aid are very much needed. So it's with an immense pride that Les Residences Soleil decided to, once again, collaborate with Sercovie, for the happiness of their customers. Let's remind ourselves that in 2013, Les Residences Soleil contributed to the expansion of their office by being one of their first financial partners for this project.

"It is with great appreciation and gratitude that we rely once again on their generosity for the benefit of our customers," said Rémi Demers, chief excutive of Sercovie.

Conrad Filteau, Sercovie,Guy Hardy, Saint-François, Remi Demers, Jean-Yves Bergeron, Manoir Granby, Les Résidences Soleil
From left to right : Mr. Conrad Filteau, president of Sercovie, Mr. Guy Hardy, deputy of Saint-François, Mr. Remi Demers, chief executive of Sercovie and city councillor and Mr. Jean-Yves Bergeron, director of Les Residences Soleil Manoir Granby. 

An increased participation of Les Residences Soleil 

Mr. Jean-Yves Bergeron, Mr. Gilles Lavoie and Mrs. Patricia Thibeault, respectively directors of Les Résidences Soleil Manoir GranbyManoir du Musée et Manoir Sherbrooke took part in the preparation of the meals, as well as in the home deliveries which started at 10am ended around 1pm. An excellent hot meal consisting of stew, meat pie and Christmas log, for the delight of all!

Gilles Lavoie, Manoir du Musée, Jean-Yves Bergeron, Manoir Granby, Patricia Thibeault, Manoir Sherbrooke, Les Résidences Soleil
From left to right : Mr. Gilles Lavoie, director of Les Residences Soleil Manoir du Musée, Mr. Jean-Yves Bergeron, director of Les Residences Soleil Manoir Granby and Mrs. Patricia Thibeault, director of Les Residences Soleil Manoir Sherbrooke. 

A musical Christmas lunch !

For all of Sercovie's clientele, a Christmas dinner is also offered today at noon in the cafeteria, 300 rue du Conseil in Sherbrooke, at a cost of $ 15. A warm and festive atmosphere awaits you, besides attending a musical performance of Ti-gars Plante.

Sercovie and its Popotte Roulante service 

The Popotte Roulante of Sercovie, one of the largest in Quebec, has nearly 1332 clients and benefits from the involvement of more than 350 volunteers. Over the past year, they have prepared and delivered about 123,000 meals at home. These complete and balanced meals are prepared under the supervision of a qualified staff and delivered at homes from Monday to Friday at a very affordable price of $ 6. To qualify for this service, you must be 70 years of age or older, have a loss of autonomy, recover from a physical disability, or be a woman experiencing complications during pregnancy or postpartum.

For more information or to ask any question, please contact Sercovie at 819 565-1066 or visit their website.

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