Celebrate the International Womens’ Day

Tribute to three exceptional women 

As Les Residences Soleil celebrate its 30th anniversary shortly, three generations of the Savoie’s family works daily to develop this business. Nowadays, the five children of Mr. and Mrs. Savoie and some of their grandchildren are already dedicated to the mission of the company so as to provide the best services to their residents. 

If you ask Mr. Savoie "When will you retire?" He will answer you without hesitation: "Who wants to retire when he has the incredible opportunity to work with his family every day? In my mind, I don’t feel like I’m working, I'm having fun! And besides, our mission to provide high quality complexes for all seniors, even for those who do not have their pension, is extremely rewarding. " Today, Mr. Eddy Savoie wants to pay a warm homage to his family, without whom he would never, he says to him, created the largest family business in their field in Canada.

As part of International Women's Day, Mr. Savoie addressed a brief word to each succeeding generation in the company. Here is the moving tribute addressed to his wife: 

To my little sunshine Carmelle

Counter to the proverb, I would rather say to say that beside each man, and not behind, stands a great woman. I have the pleasure of living alongside my only love over 50 years now! Carmelle is the ray of sunshine that beautifies my days from the very beginning. Thanks to her incredible gentleness and patience, we were able to form this beautiful and highly united family. "Carm" has supported me in all my projects, big and small, and I am very grateful to her. Together, we owned and managed several companies before taking the plunge in the great adventure of les Residences Soleil. In addition to seeing my wife, my five children, and many of my grandchildren working there, I believe that our greatest pride is in successfully integrating all of our field of expertise, allowing us to be able to lodge and satisfy all seniors, whatever their income, in all Residences Soleil across Quebec. It is this woman who helped me to become the man that I am and I thank her with all my heart.

To Nataly, holding the operations with devotion

"What a pleasure to see all my children working with me every day! From an early age, my eldest daughter Nataly supported me in my projects well before Les Residences Soleil. It is through her passion and her exceptional business acumen that Nataly has today reached the highest levels of the company. Now executive president, Nataly has risen many grades before getting her job. In addition to her functions, Nataly is deeply involved in her community and is often invited as honorary president in various galas and benefit evenings. Also a mother, Nataly is an inspiring woman who has the gift of pushing everyone to achieve what seems impossible. I must say that I am very proud of my daughter, just as I am proud of each of my 5 children Janet, Nadine-Coïne, Nancy and Eddy Junior. Over the years, many of them have demonstrated their full potential to bring their knowledge and thus grow our beautiful and large family business. I feel very pampered to have them! – Eddy Savoie

To Katarina, the first step toward the new generation 

"I would not have thought, 30 years ago, that I would have the chance to go to work each morning surrounded by my children and some of my grandchildren. I have been working daily for more than 6 years with my oldest grandchild, Katarina. Today, as Marketing Director, Katarina has been involved in the company from a very young age and has worked in each of departments while completing her studies, before obtaining her current role. Many of my other grandchildren, like Meghan and Kyra, are already involved in our company. There will always be place for each one of them wishing offer the best services to our residents. I am confident that she will be able to shine the family business for many years and rally her cousins at her side. I feel lucky to have health and to be able to enjoy it and I intend to eventually introduce the 4th generation involved in our company. 

Inspired by love, we present you the video of the 4th wedding vows renewal of Mr. and Mrs. Savoie: