Fondation du Centre Hospitalier de Granby

Major fundraising campaign 2013-2017

As part of the major fundraising campaign for the ''Fondation du Center Hospitalier de Granby'', which began 4 years ago, several major events have been held to reach the colossal goal of $ 10 million. For us, this foundation is essential because it plays an important role in the well-being of the community. As it describes itself, the Foundation "ensures the accessibility, continuity, safety and quality of health services to 95,000 people spread over the 10 municipalities of the region." Mr. Savoie is therefore ''patron of honour'' of the major fundraising campaign, alongside several great entrepreneurs of the region. We also support every year, several benefit events, such as the Christmas Concert and the shepherd's pie tasting, to name a few.

"For over 30 years, the ''Fondation du Centre Hospitalier de Granby'' has been actively involved in improving the quality of care and health services available to the people of Haute-Yamaska. It supports CIUSSS de l'Estrie – CHUS – Haute-Yamaska Facilities (Granby Hospital, 5 CLSCs and 5 shelters) by financing equipment, projects and programs determined in its commitment to improve the health and well-being of its population. "

The major fundraising campaign will end on June 30th , 2017. If you also wish to support the Foundation, click here to send your donation directly.

Every donation is important!

President of the fundraising campaign

  • Daniel Pelletier

Patrons of honour

  • Jean-Guy Hébert
  • Jacques Latendresse
  • Louis Lefebvre
  • Serge Laflamme
  • Pierre Latendresse
  • Eddy Savoie

President of the local and regional committee

  • Mario Gariépy


  • Danielle Béliveau
  • Simon Lapointe
  • Richard Tétreault
  • Serge Bernier
  • André Moïse
  • André Thibault
  • Marc Breton
  • Éric Nadeau

Christmas concert 

Eddy Savoie will have the joy to preside again this year the Christmas Concert for the benefit of the Fondation du Center Hospitalier de Granby, as part of its 15th edition. Last year, thanks to its contribution, the Foundation achieved its goal by raising $ 70,000. This amount will be used to finance specialized equipment, projects and programs with a view to improving the health and well-being of the population of Haute-Yamaska. In addition to his significant contribution as honorary president, Savoie spontaneously added an amount of $ 4,010 to allow the foundation to reach their goal of $ 70,000.

Eddy Savoie, CHG, Fondation, Concert, Noël, Les Résidences Soleil  Cheque, CHG, Fondation, Concert, Noël, Eddy Savoie, Les Résidences Soleil

Mr. Eddy Savoie during his opening speech, with musicians, choir members and the executive director of the Foundation, Mrs. Suzanne Surette.

FCHG, Granby, Centre hospitalier de Granby, Fondation, Myriam Leblanc, Max Van Wyck, Le Palace, Eddy Savoie, Groupe Savoie, Les Résidences Soleil

For more details of the Christmas concert, click here

Shepherd's pie tasting

In the past years, we also had the pleasure to attend the annual shepherd's pie tasting, for the benefit of the foundation. The event always gathers various chiefs of the region, who have a blast re-inventing the tradional shepherd's pie. Our own chief at  Residences Soleil Manoir Granby has lots of fun during this event, cooking our own original receipe. 

''Fondation du Centre hospitalier de Granby''

Implanted in 1984, the ''Fondation du Centre hospitalier de Granby''’s mission is to support the CIUSSS of Estrie, the CHUS, Granby Hospital, the 5 CLSC and the 5 shelters of the region, by financing specialized equipment, projects and programs, always in the purpose of improving the health and well-being of his population. 

For his major campaign 2013-2017, the goal is to collect 10 million dollars. To this day, 90% of the objective was raised. This wouldn’t be possible without the support of the local population and companies of the region. Having seniors and families best interest at heart since the beginning, Groupe Savoie- Les Residences Soleil wished to give a generous amount to the Foundation. Mr. Eddy Savoie is also involved in the campaign’s cabinet as one of the «Patron d’honneur» of the Foundation.

For the last seven years, Mr. Eddy Savoie had the great joy of being the Honorary President of their annual Christmas benefit concert. This event to itself raised thousands of dollars. These donations are directly going for the improvement of the services so the patients receive the best quality of services on the market. That’s why Mr. Eddy Savoie is happy to accept once again their invitation as the Honorary President for the 2016 edition. To be a part of this event or have more details:

To learn more on the Foundation of «Centre Hospitalier de Granby»: