Maison Source Bleue

Programme Soleil,

a program carried out with the cooperation of Groupe Savoie – Résidences Soleil

Walking alongside you, with dignity and respect, is at the heart of it all.

“[Translation] For us at Groupe Savoie, family has always been extremely important. It was thus no surprise that we felt compelled by this project with the Source Bleue palliative care residence, for what could be more important than family at the end of one’s life? While participating in this project, we were privileged to meet caring people, some of whom held managerial positions, others who were volunteers. All of them had a shared dedication to people who were suffering, a kind approach, and a willingness to give of their time. Through their actions, they bring some degree of reassurance during what can only be described as difficult times.

In our residences, we continually see people and their loved ones who are either sick or vulnerable; we also have to watch the anxiety of children who cannot find a palliative care facility for their parents, these being much too scarce.

No one should sit idly by without helping.

You can make a difference by contributing to the Programme Soleil initiative.

Thank you for believing we can make a difference!”

Eddy Savoie, Programme Soleil developer and owner, founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Groupe Savoie – Résidences Soleil

Source Bleue palliative care residence

The Maison Source Bleue establishment provides free care to adults at the end of their lives, to ensure their final moments are spent in a warm family environment. Groupe Savoie is committed to supporting this palliative care residence through the creation of its Programme Soleil (for the Boucherville region).
The Source Bleue palliative care residence, which offers its services free of charge, has the mission of caring for and being with adults at the end of their lives. Community engagement and generosity are fundamental values for this non-profit organization. Everyone who works at Maison Source Bleue shares the palliative care philosophy whereby life is sacred and death, the final phase. Under this approach, the care and services provided respect life’s natural process and do not seek to either delay or hurry death.

At Maison Source Bleue, each patient is treated as a unique individual with specific physical, psychological, moral, spiritual, family and social traits. All patients are entitled to hear the truth and to have those surrounding them give due consideration to their independence, individuality, values and intimacy. They deserve to be treated with compassion and skill, while having their suffering eased to the greatest possible extent so that they can die peacefully and in dignity.
Maison Source Bleue wants to offer a caring and welcoming living environment.

Programme Soleil is a simple and relatively inexpensive way to support the Source Bleue palliative care residence. Donations can be made as follows:

  • Sun: $2,000
  • Diamond: $1,000
  • Platinum: $750
  • Gold: $500
  • Silver: $250
  • Bronze: $150


Receipt for income tax purposes for each annual donation.

Membership in the Maison Source Bleue recognition program.

You’re thinking of becoming a Programme Soleil member?

Please contact Maison Source Bleue directly for all of the details and to learn how to join our family of donors. If interested, you can begin by having a look at the Programme Soleil brochure.

Committee members

  • Mr. Patrick Bélanger
  • Mr. Denis Croteau
  • Ms. Carole Gouin
  • Mr. Claude Hupfert
  • Mr. Pierre Laberge
  • Mr. Armand Lefebvre
  • Ms. Manon Marcil
  • Ms. Monique Mathieu
  • Mr. Réjean Moreau
  • Mr. Eddy Savoie
  • Ms. Nataly Savoie
  • Mr. Pierre Tétreault

Maison Source Bleue

1130, rue de Montbrun
Boucherville, Québec
J4B 8W6
Telephone: 450 641-3165
Fax: 450 641-0934