Ms. Rosanne Langlais Landry will never pay rent again!

This charming and courageous lady is the happy winner of a fully furnished and decorated apartment FOR LIFE, generously offered to her by Mr. Eddy Savoie.

This gesture by Eddy Savoie, President and founder of Résidences Soleil, truly changed the life of a senior who had for 50 years been caught up in a drama where every new day seemingly brought a new challenge.

For Christmas, Eddy Savoie and his family decided to give someone who had really not had an easy time of it an apartment for life. We received over 500 letters from persons (or their loved ones) who bravely and confidently shared their stories and explained why they deserved to be chosen by Eddy Savoie as the winner of Résidences Soleil’s apartment for life. Within the framework of the television show La Victoire de l’Amour (which highlighted how love can conquer all), the Un acte d’amour pour Noël contest selection committee read all of the letters received in their entirety, some of which had us in tears. Winners were announced during La Victoire de l’Amour, a Christmas special that aired on TVA.

If you missed this truly remarkable special show, visit our Web site to view it in its entirety, including the official announcement of our grand contest winner for life and of the 24 others who were selected to receive a complimentary one-week stay for 2 at a Résidences Soleil residence in Québec. Why these 24 additional gifts? Simply because choosing only one deserving winner from the many highly emotional letters received was so hard that Eddy Savoie decided more people deserved to win.

“[Translation] I can… and finally want to enjoy life. Before, I used to spend my days in my rocking chair, but Eddy Savoie completely changed my life.” This is what Ms. Langlais Landry told us after just 5 days as a new resident at Résidences Soleil Manoir St-Léonard. She explained that she had received a welcome fit for a queen, and could never find the proper words to thank Eddy Savoie and his wife Carmelle, who were on hand to personally welcome her to her new life.

Ms. Langlais Landry said she was impressed by the reception that awaited her, specifically mentioning the presence of staff members, management, and even numerous residents. Upon entering the main room at Résidences Soleil Manoir St-Léonard, Ms. Langlais Landry was greeted by a heartwarming sight: balloons, flowers, cameras, photos, a delicious lunch, bubbly and most importantly, a warm round of applause. “[Translation] A warm welcome and friendly people, she added. Everyone is happy for me, and I keep receiving congratulations. I am now part of the big family at Résidences Soleil.” Notably, even the very first resident to stay at Résidences Soleil Manoir St-Léonard was on hand for the celebration, explaining to Ms. Langlais Landry that continuing to live in the same place for 10 years was definitely a sign of being happy.

“[Translation] People at the residence speak to me about Mr. Savoie and his wife Carmelle, added Ms. Langlais Landry. They are obviously people who love life, kind and generous people.” The happy winner has since Saturday been settling into her new apartment and slowly discovering all of the services she can now enjoy, including delicious meals, exercise equipment and a multitude of recreational activities. “[Translation] Moving forward, I’m going to let go of the past, and I’ll never be alone again. I eat every meal at a different table, invited by other residents with whom I feel at ease, new friends,” she explained.
“[Translation] There is really nothing missing at Résidences Soleil; my new home has everything I’ve never had before.” Her future plans: to volunteer with older persons or people with disabilities.

Ms. Langlais Landry will thus continue along the same path, by living a courageous life and giving of herself. In spite of the daily hardships she endured, she volunteered for numerous organizations over the past few years, and now wants to continue giving of her time, as “…[translation] volunteering brings with it the friendship of generous people.”

The lucky winner of a LIFELONG apartment at a Résidences Soleil residence is radiant with joy. In closing, Ms. Langlais Landry shared that her 68-year old sister and her husband would be joining her at Résidences Soleil Manoir St-Léonard in a few years’ time: “[(Translation] They’ll be selling their house and cottage in Abitibi to come live in Montréal, at Résidences Soleil.”

Let’s all wish a long and happy life to Ms. Rosanne Langlais Landry, now a member of Québec’s biggest and most beautiful family, Résidences Soleil!

Rosanne Langlais Landry, Soeur Angele, Les Residences Soleil, Groupe Savoie

Rosanne Langlais Landry, Soeur Angele, Les Residences Soleil, Groupe Savoie, Eddy Savoie

Rosanne Langlais Landry, Soeur Angele, Les Residences Soleil, Groupe Savoie

Rosanne Langlais Landry, Soeur Angele, Les Residences Soleil, Eddy Savoie, Groupe Savoie

Rosanne Langlais Landry, Soeur Angele, Les Residences Soleil, Groupe Savoie