Three Generations Ensuring the Well-being of our Seniors

A third generation of the Savoie family now sits on the Board of Directors of the Quebec Seniors’ Housing Group (QSHG). We would like to congratulate Katarina-Darkise Marcil for her new position as an Administrator on the Board. This appointment follows in the footsteps of her grandfather, Eddy Savoie, and her mother Nataly Savoie, in their quest to improve the quality of life of seniors.

First Generation – Eddy Savoie

Eddy Savoie has been an active member of the QSHG— formerly the Association des Résidences et CHSLD Privés du Québec— for the past several years. Heis a man of integrity, who is generous with his time and well respected within his community. Over the years, he has graciously accepted several positions, advocating for causes close to his heart.
He was one of the key players on the Standing Committee on Finance Pre-budget Consultations, which presented a report to the provincial and federal governments in support of a tax credit for Canadian seniors. After several presentations in collaboration with the ARCPQ, (now the QSHQ), a provincial tax credit of 23% was obtained in June 2000, promoting homecare services for people over 70, which benefits all Quebec seniors today.
Mr. Savoie is also involved in various activities with the QSHG, always with the primary goal of improving the daily lives of seniors:
  • Honorary Chairman of the ARRQ (Association des Résidences pour Retraités du Québec (ARRQ), in 1998
  • Director of Residences of More than 100 Units – ARRQ (now the Quebec Seniors’ Housing Group), from 2002 to 2006
  • Member of the Standing Committee on Finance for the presentation of a report in collaboration with the ARRQ to obtain financial assistance (25% tax credit) for Canadian seniors in 2001
  • Invited by the Department of Customs and Excise to present a report for the second time to the Canadian government to obtain financial assistance (25% tax credit) for seniors in the late 1990s

Honourable Mention at the Annual Conference

On November 7, the Quebec Seniors’ Housing Group, as part of its Annual Conference, awarded the Distinction Award Special Mention to Eddy Savoie in recognition of his hard work and dedication. Visit this page to watch the magnificent tribute prepared by the QSHG for the occasion.

Nearly Two Decades on the QSHQ Board of Directors

In addition to Eddy Savoie being on the Board, Nataly Savoie was also a very active member of the Quebec Seniors’ Housing Group. She served on the Board of Directors as First Vice-Chair, as well as on the Executive Committee for over 18 years.
For Ms. Savoie, having the ability to help affect change on a daily basis and improve the quality of life for seniors is an honour. Being able to help shape the industry and the environment in which she operates is a way of ensuring a better future.
One of her greatest achievements is being able to offer a suitable home for seniors of all social classes. Nataly Savoie, her father and her entire family significantly contributed to the implementation of a tax credit for seniors’ home care. Even people who only have their pension as source of income can now afford the retirement of their dreams at Les Résidences Soleil.

Third Generation of the Savoie Family Elected to the QSHG Board of Directors

On November 8, 2020, during the QSHG's Annual Conference, Katarina-Darkise Marcil was appointed Administrator of the Board of Directors of the Quebec Seniors’ Housing Group (QSHG). The entire Résidences Soleil family is extremely proud to underline this honor and congratulate Ms. Marcil on this new challenge!
Katarina-Darkise Marcil has been Marketing Director and Manager for over eight years, but has previously worked in all the departments of the family business. She currently oversees communications, social involvement, events, public relations, customer experience and sales. She also oversees Human Resources, managing employee attraction, recruitment and retention. Supported by two exceptional mentors and pioneers in the industry (Eddy Savoie and Nataly Savoie), she has gained invaluable experience by their side. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs who have spent their lives pushing through the barriers of what is possible, Katarina-Darkise Marcil inherited their passion and love for the elderly.
Ms. Marcil finds that strength in numbers is what allows things to move forward. She firmly believes that ethics and transparency are paramount, that competition should always be healthy, that there is room for everyone and that small residences must also be taken care of, because they are essential.
The QSHG Board of Directors
The nine members of the Board of Directors of the Quebec Seniors’ Housing Group (QSHG) act strategically and tactically. They meet for six regular meetings annually.
Who are the members of the Board of Directors?
  • Nathalie Paré, Chair
  • Isabelle Nantais, Vice-Chair
  • Marie-Josée Gendron, Treasurer
  • Jonathan Bélanger, Secretary
  • Hugo Boucher, Administrator
  • Marie-Josée Castonguay, Administrator
  • Yves Duguay, Administrator
  • Vincent Fauteux, Administrator
  • Katarina-Darkise Marcil, Administrator

QSHG Annual Conference

Les Résidences Soleil received three other awards at this year's annual conference:
Here are our other QSHG Distinction Awards: