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>About us> CHSLD Saint-Lambert sur-le-Golf (residential and long-term care centre)

CHSLD Saint-Lambert sur-le-Golf (residential and long-term care centre)

Groupe Savoie, in addition to operating its private residences, was chosen, after a long and rigorous selection process, to carry out Quebec’s first major public-private partnership in the healthcare sector; this project entailed the creation and management of the CHSLD Saint-Lambert sur-le-Golf, a 200-bed residential and long-term care centre offering accommodations and healthcare services.

At Groupe Savoie, we are aware that the government cannot singlehandedly resolve the health problems of all citizens. We also firmly believe that private companies are the ideal partners in this regard.

This explains why Groupe Savoie is so proud of its involvement in the CHSLD Saint-Lambert sur-le-Golf project, an initiative that reduces backlogs in the health network while allowing the government to enjoy significant savings over a span of several years. Independent studies have shown that this project will allow the government to save nearly $100 million over a 25-year period.

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