Big 30th anniversary draw

The big winner finally revelead

It is with great pleasure that we officially unveil the big winner of our 30th anniversary gift basket. We would like to congratulate Ms. Claudette Goulet of Anjou who won the huge gift basket containing 30 items offered by the Savoie family including:

  • An iPad 
  • 3 weeks for two people all included in the residence of their choice 
  • $ 120 in grocery gift cards, restaurant and department store
  • As well as several other gifts bearing the image of Les Résidences Soleil
    Totaling more than $ 3,000 in prizes!


It is surrounded by the director of Les Résidences Soleil Manoir St-Léonard, Ms. Simoneau that the lucky winner, Mrs. Goulet, proudly came to get her prize.

You have been very many to participate in the big draw and we thank you.

Stay tuned for our other upcoming contests and all the news surrounding Les Résidences Soleil!