Gradual return to activities

Since March, our residents have been patient in complying with the numerous instructions put in place in our residences to deal with the threat of COVID-19. We have now decided to take the lead by allowing certain activities to resume, still while respecting distancing and hygiene protocols, in all Résidences Soleil !

The management team, in collaboration with the Resident Committees and Recreation Leaders, have developed a plan for a gradual reopening! This reopening plan includes several measures to ensure the safety of our residents. It is thanks to these measures and the rigor with which our residents have applied them that we can resume certain activities. Here are the measures to follow :

  • One person will be appointed for each activity to ensure compliance with the instructions.
  • A distance of 2 meters between residents must be respected at all times.
  • The maximum number of players per activity is already established so that there is enough room for residents to be at a distance of at least 2 meters.
  • There are never two activities going on at the same time in the same residence.
  • All equipment is disinfected between each game.
  • Wearing a face mask is mandatory.
  • Hand washing and disinfection are mandatory.
  • Activities outdoors are highly encouraged whenever possible.


We are very happy to announce that by involving all of our residences, animators and resident committees, we have succeeded in implementing processes allowing the resumption of all of our activities and leisure!

Also, it is from June 22, 2020 that we officially received authorization from the Ministry of Health and Social Services for the reopening of our swimming pools and gyms! Here are the specific regulations for these two activities:

Indoor pool :

  • Access to the swimming pool will be allowed as before, that is to say 24 hours a day for free swimming (2 people minimum).
  • Residents must arrive already wearing their bathing suit in order to limit ridership in the locker room. They must wear a dressing gown or overcoat when moving around the residence, as well as shoes or sandals.
  • Wearing a mask is not required for this activity. However, it must be worn when moving around in the residence.
  • The residents must disinfect their hands before entering, drop their laundry and towel in the locker room and take a shower at least 1 minute before and after the activity.
  • The aquafitness will also be available again by limiting the number of residents present at the activity, so that the distance of two meters is respected between each person at all times.

Fitness room (gym):

  • Access to the gym will be allowed as before, that is to say 24 hours a day.
  • Hand disinfection before and after is compulsory.
  • Each resident is responsible for cleaning their machine before and after use.
  • When two meters can not separate two machines, one in two will be condemned.
  • Wearing a mask is not compulsory for this activity. However, the resident must wear it when moving around the residence.

Trip by minibus

We have also gradually resumed the shuttle service with our minibuses so that our residents can go to essential businesses in a safe manner. To ensure their safety during transportation, here are the measures we have put in place :

  • We validate beforehand the measures in place in essential businesses.
  • Our drivers are adequately trained to follow the instructions and hygiene measures rigorously.
  • Between each trip, we disinfect the minibus.
  • Wearing a face mask is mandatory.
  • A 2-meter distance in the minibus must be respected, as in the image below.

Indoors and outdoors stores are now reopen