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Dossier En Résidence – Saturday March 18th 2017

By : Jacques Laplante

Nearly 15 years ago, a contractor was involved in the construction of a major residential project consisting of three large residential buildings located side by side on Hasting Street in Dollard-des-Ormeaux. After the construction of the first two buildings, the contractor was forced to abandon the third building.

It was the Savoie Groupe who took over the project and bought it in 2002. They completed the construction and the following year, a residence of 170 units opened for autonomous and semi-autonomous seniors.

The nine floors building is not the most luxurious accommodation center of the Savoie Groupe, but Manoir Dollard-des-Ormeaux still offers a service grid similar to the14 other Residences Soleil. Some include in the rent, others not, such as health care like dressing and hygiene assistance and medication management.

The Manoir Dollard-des-Ormeaux houses 130 residents, the vast majority are female (65%). There are as many francophones as anglophones and as you can find in the neighbourhood, several are of Greek, Italian or German origin.


All units have a balcony, some even have two. In these cases, they will be two dwellings that have been twinned in order to satisfy (increasingly frequent) demands for a large unit (4 1/2).

Residents also have access to a swimming pool, sauna, gym, two outdoor gardens with gazebo, iron play and swings as well as two terraces, including one on the ninth floor adjacent to the dining room. Remarkable place for the superb view it offers on the West Island.

Finally, if you take a little walk, you'll find the St-Jean Boulevard filled with many shops and restaurants in just a few steps.

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