National Senior Safety Week

From November 6th to November 12, it’s National Senior Safety Week. For this year’s campaign edition, the Canada Safety Council wants to remind Canadians how essential it is to be prudent and adopt good and serious habits with their medication.

When medication is taken appropriately and as prescribed, it is beneficial for the maintaining of a person’s quality of life and health. In the majority of the cases, golden agers have to take multiple prescriptions at the same time. If it’s not taken the right way or at the right time, it can have negative and non-desired effects on the person (example: falls leading to injuries). You have to be well organized and it is critical to follow the dosage given by your doctor. We strongly suggest the use of a pillbox or a dosage box with identification for each day of the week. Some models on the market also have an AM and PM identification. For our residents and those on short stays interested, we offer a medication distribution service and/or a medication reminder service. These services are offered ‘’à la carte’’ and at low prices. Taking your medication as required is essential to help you keep your autonomy as long as possible.


For the occasion, we wanna share with you a great senior’s security guide. It gives you advice on how to adapt your home, your body and your lifestyle to ensure your safety. Share the guide with your friends and families to prevent injuries from happening.

Public Health Agency of Canada: The safe living guide



Les Residences Soleil wishes everyone agreat National Senior Safety Week. Take the occasion to learn and educate yourself about senior's safety. Remember, prevention is better than cure.


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