Soeur Angele Foundation

Last Wednesday night, October 19, Soeur Angèle invited her closest relations, alongside Mr. Daniel Allard, Fromages CDA’s president, to the 2nd edition of the benefit dinner to the profit of Soeur Angèle Foundation. Faithfully responding to the call of their longtime friend, several members of the Savoie Family had the great pleasure to attend the event.
A delicious 5 services menu where the «Amour et Tradition» cheeses were honored, was offered to the guests. Chief Pierre-André Brassard and his CFP Jacques-Rousseau’s students prepared and served the exquisite meals of the evening. Always dynamic and stunning, Soeur Angèle surprised her guests by singing A Capella, one of her favorite songs "Osole Mio", she made the whole school shivered.
Soeur Angèle Foundation's mission is to help students with a development or integration disorder, by giving them the chance to be part of a culinary learning program. She wants these students to develop a sense of belonging to a group and pride through their achievements.
The foundation is close to our heart because it supports new generations by providing monetary help to young people who wish to pursue in the culinary field. The evening was a huge success, over $ 30,000 were raised!
To contribute to the Foundation, you can get the soft cheese Soeur Angèle, 1$ per kilogram is given to Soeur Angèle Foundation. For more information, here is the link of the Foundation (only available in French):
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