Two Young People among Seniors

Discovering life in a seniors’ residence

We are proud to present the video-story, Two Young People among Seniors, filmed in one of our Les Résidences Soleil for the campaign put on by the Quebec Seniors’ Housing Group (QSHG) to debunk the myths about living in a seniors’ residence. The video gives you a taste of what it’s like to live at Les Résidences Soleil.

The video-story features two young people who, for 48 hours, were totally immersed in the life at Les Résidences Soleil and asked all the questions that came to mind.

Thank you to all of our residents, their families and our employees at Les Résidences Soleil Manoir Brossard for their spontaneous participation, their open-mindedness and the warm welcome they gave to Florence, Jean-Christophe, the film crew and the QSHG team.

Check here to see the other four videos of the experience these young people had at our residence. The videos are only available in French since it is a real experience, lived by French Canadians.

Throughout the month of April, all Les Résidences Soleil across Quebec are opening their doors for you to come and discover what makes our residences so unique! Whether you are with family, friends or by yourself, this is a great opportunity for you to come and meet with us—our staff will make you feel completely at ease.

To make sure you get the full experience, the Savoie family even offers you a free meal for two! Simply download the free meal voucher here!

You have many wonderful years left to live, come and enjoy them to the fullest!

Visit every day

You can book a visit every day of the year from 9h to 17h in all Les Résidences Soleil :

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The Savoie family wishes to once again thank all their residents and employees who participated, appeared, came out to watch, and were welcoming to the film crew and the QSHG team.

Sunday, April 28, 2019: It’s Open House for all participating members of the Quebec Seniors’ Housing Group (QSHG).

All Les Résidences Soleil will be open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. so that you can come and experience the following: visits, activities, shows, tasty treats, gifts for all visitors, and a big draw in each of our residences. All visitors are eligible to win an all inclusive one-week trial period for two people!

For more details about this event, visit our Open House page here. Click here to find the locations of Les Résidences Soleil.