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Short term stays

Soleil Plans - Short term stays

For as low as $ 50 per day, you could beneficiate from lodging, three meals and free access to all the amenities, leisure and activities of the chosen Residence Soleil. Whether it is a day, a weekend, a week or a month, you decide the length of your stay. All Soleil Plans can be customized at your taste with care and services ''à la carte''.

Short term stays available: 

  • Trial period
  • Convalescence
  • Pleasure
  • Respite

These 4 plans give you access to the same benefits

Starting at only $ 50 per day per person, you benefit from:

  • Three meals a day from a wide choice of menus to the dining room
  • All the leisure, parties and activities organized during the stay
  • Accommodation, furnishings, appliances, housekeeping and bedding
  • Receptionist and care staff 24 hours a day
  • All the conveniences of the chosen Residences Soleil

Our short stay concept is for all people 55 years and older. Care and services are not included in this price, they are offered "à la carte".

Gift Certificate

It is now possible to buy gift certificates online for our short term stays. You can personalize your certificate and choose with or without a gift box. We offer 3 delivery options:

  • On-site pickup in one of our Residences Soleil
  • Mailing
  • Electronic certificate

You can determine the period of the short term stays, whether for a weekend, a week or even a month. The certificate is valid in all Residences Soleil.

Soleil Plans: Trial period

The Soleil Plan – Trial period** at Residences Soleil, allows you to experience life in a residence, without any obligation, to help you take an informed decision. You will discover a warm living, family, safe and fulfilling environment! Take time to talk with residents, participate in activities and find businesses located in and around the residence. With three meals a day included in your package, no need to shop for groceries, cook and do the dishes. You can use this time to relax or take part in all the activities you’d like!


  • indoor pool, spa and sauna
  • Library, Internet lounge, cinema 
  • Bingo , billiards , piano, cards, crafts 
  • Petanque pitches, bocce-ball
  • Relaxation area with swings 
  • Sunny terrace
  • Activities organized daily Monthly Birthday Party
  • Shows and thematic activities
  • And much more


This Soleil Plan can also help you make a final choice between several Residences Soleil. Enjoy a weekend or a week in each or offer a stay as a gift to one who is dear to you! For more information on any of our Residences Soleil of your choice, consult its online page and learn about all its activities, amenities, services and shops!

Soleil plans: Convalescence

The Soleil Plan – Convalescence** at Residences Soleil, assures you peace of mind following surgery, medical intervention or just a well-deserved rest. You can also take advantage of this offer if you are outside your hometown and need to receive an intervention in Montreal or in one of our regions or if you are accompanying a close undergoing an operation in one of our region. You can recover in total peace with the help of our care staff present 24/7 and a receptionist on duty at your service anytime. Each apartment is equipped with an emergency pull cord in the bathroom, an intercom system and emergency call. Each Residences Soleil is equipped with an infirmary and a team of nursing assistants, care attendants and a director. This package is fully customizable, depending on your condition and its evolution, with a range of care and services offered "à la carte ", such as:

  • Mealtime assistance
  • table service
  • Hygiene and grooming support
  • Dressing assistance
  • Daily activity companion service
  • Medication gestion/reminder
  • Bandage change
  • Injections
  • Therapeutic bath
  • Special monitoring
  • Morning and evening routines 
  • Special medical treatments 
  • And much more! 

When you feel better, you will be able to enjoy all the amenities and leisure activities of the residence.

Soleil plans: Pleasure

Are you planning to travel in one of our regions and are currently looking for a place to stay? Or are you going on vacation and worried to leave your parents alone? Better than the hotel, the Soleil Plan – Pleasure** allows you to enjoy all the leisure activities of the residence, in addition to letting you participate in organized activities, theme parties, shows and much more! Enjoy all the benefits of living in a Residences Soleil.


  • Indoor pool, spa , sauna, fitness room 
  • Library, Internet lounge , piano, theater , chapel Masses
  • Bingo , billiards, cards room, craft room and knitting
  • Petanque pitches, bocce-ball
  • Indoor Mini-golf *** , golf simulator *** , bowling alleys ***
  • Hair and beauty salon
  • Receptionist at your service 24 / 24
  • And much more!

*Please note that our Soleil Plans are exclusive ''Les Residences Soleil'', subject to change without notifications and restrictions may apply. Care and services are available ''à la carte''.

Soleil plans: Respite

You need to recharge your batteries and rest? You are a caregiver and want to spend a relaxing weekend? The Soleil Plan - Respite** at Residences Soleil, allows you to have peace of mind with our qualified care staff present 24/7. No need to cook with 3 meals a day included in this package. The Residences Soleil offer a safe and suitable environment for autonomous and semi-autonomous golden agers:


  • Care staff present at all times
  • Receptionist at your service 24 / 24 
  • Camera surveillance system
  • intercom system and emergency call
  • Wide range of care and services offered "a la carte "
  • Places with relaxing swings and view
  • Hair and beauty salon
  • Indoor pool, sauna, spa
  • Library
  • And much more for a relaxing stay!

To book a short term stay or to offer one as a gift:

• By phone at the following toll-free number : 1 800 363-0663
• By email at the following address : info@residencessoleil.ca

*Please note that our Soleil Plans are exclusive to ''Les Residences Soleil'', subject to change without notifications and restrictions may apply. Care and services are available ''à la carte''.