COVID-19 update

Everything is going well in our residences!

We want to assure you that our dedicated employees are making every effort, day and night, to keep our residents safe and healthy.

Quick access :

Safe rental visits are available with or without an appointment in all of our Résidences Soleil.

We thank you for your collaboration and wish you a happy, sunny day!

Situation status by residence

Did you know that 2 pandemic years later we are the only group of seniors’ residences that displays and updates, in a transparent manner, the status of all its residences since march 2020, the very beginning of the pandemic?

Since the situation is stable and back to normal, our daily updates will only resume if needed. Last updated October 1st, 2022.

Preventive Measures

Below you will find the updated guidelines, applicable in RPA (update May 12th, 2022) :

Frequently Asked Questions